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Camp Windy Lake: Part 2 Reviews

Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 9 - September 2008)

Basic Story

It has been five years since your last summer as a camper here. Now you're back, this time as a counselor. It's the last weekend before the campers arrive and most of the setup work has been done. There is just enough time to have a little fun before the kids show up on Monday.

Overall Thoughts

This sequel to Camp Windy Lake was released just over one year after the original and it seems to me that the author used the time to really hone his skills. Although there are more similarities between the two games than differences, nearly everything works and feels better this time around. It is more liner than its predecessor, which can be a down point, but the pacing is so good that, in this case, I didn't really consider it as such.

If you avoided the first installment because of the underage issues then you should have significantly fewer problems with this game. There is one girl who is 17 years old, which isn't even underage in all parts of the world, and even where it is, it just doesn't seem to have the same jailbait feel that the first game provoked.

Puzzles/Game Play

The puzzles are even fewer than in the original. It is important to talk to the characters since in several cases this will tell you what needs to be done next. Rather than just staying in one place for the whole game, the girls move around as you progress, which feels more natural, like they are going about their own business rather than just sitting around waiting for you to come along and fuck them.

The pacing in this game is, in my opinion, nearly perfect. There is pretty much just one path through the game and you can't really deviate from that path since the next part of the game usually isn't even set up until the current one is finished. However, I never really got the feeling (as is the case in a lot of games that do this) that I was being led around by the nose. The game just flows well. The plot is fairly simplistic and I wouldn't call it a particularly in-depth story, but it is interesting enough to keep you involved. The main focus of the game is probably the main reason you are playing it in the first place, the sex, and there is certainly plenty of it here so let's get to it.


Most of my praise about the pacing of the game is due to how the sex progresses throughout. It starts by teasing you with some provocative descriptions, a little flash of tit here, a little voyeurism there. Then, some of the earlier scenes are rather limited. One just wants a little mutual masturbation, one some heavy petting. By the time you get to the full sex scenes the tension has built and you are more than ready for them. This is especially true of the scene with Liz (which is the final sex scene of the game) since by that time, you have already had a couple of limited sessions with her.


The game is very clean (from a technical point of view that is, otherwise it is pleasantly dirty). The rooms are still rather sparse, but the other problems that the first game suffered from are not repeated here. I did find a couple of places where the responses you get to questions don't make a lot of sense in the current situation but that is so minor that I almost wouldn't mention it at


There are a few cool little things hidden in the game. Most of them involve references to the first game. In addition to general memories as you walk around camp, you can also do things like try to call the people from that game or talk to Liz about them. You remember Liz don't you? You know, the one girl from the first game that you couldn't get anywhere at all with without crossing that line that shouldn't really be crossed? Well, she's back, and this time she is much more amiable.

Final Thoughts

I debated with myself whether of not to talk about the end of the game. There is a twist at the end that is definitely different than most other AIF games. I decided not to go into it in case you have not played the game, so as not to ruin the surprise. Not everyone is going to like it and you may wish I had gone ahead and ruined it for you but, if so, you'll just have to write me hate mail later on.

Leaving the end, and whatever you may think about it, aside for the moment, I think this is one of Chris' best games. The sex is hot, the pacing perfect, and
the game as a whole is a blast to play.

Rating: A


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