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Way Out by Rob Roy (Metron4) Reviews
Author: Rob Roy (Metron4)
Date: 2009

Reviewed by Hannes Schüller

Writing:  Rule #1: Always begin the narration by telling me who I am.  Here, I have no idea how old or what gender I am.  After the introduction, everything can be called brief at best.  The ending is a little weak- I will never be the same again?  After seeing all my friends slaughtered by ghosts?  Really? Isn't that a bit of an understatement?

Technical:  Does what it tries to achieve, though at least my friends could have been implemented, especially since they appear to be dying throughout the narrative.
Puzzles:  None
Interactivity:   The only times something happens is when I look left or right - which kills me.  The game ends after going north four times.  Trying to go into any other (listed) directions is rejected by the game. Citing a good reason, sure, but it still feels frustrating not to be able to do anything.

Final thoughts:  I like haunted house stories, but this seemed to take its cues more from the teen slasher genre, so my subjective opinion is probably negatively slated here.

Reviewed by DannyL7773

SCORE: 6/10
Comments: Despite having me confused exactly as to what was going on, other than all your friends are either dead or going to be (Yes, I read the intro), I liked the main menu and the feel of it being like one of those Halloween trains. Only one way to go but there's things on both sides to look at as you go along. When I got my first gameover, the gameover message made my smile.

Kinda confusing as to what exactly happened. Simple game. Nice menu use. Great game over (Lose) message. Kinda reminded me of the Grudge. Not really much to do though. Really needs an explanation as to what happened after they looked down the hall and how they got to be where they are. Who/what did it?

Reviewed by Mel S

Comments: I was intrigued by the premise for this, a group of teenagers exploring an old house where some brutal murders took place is a fun and spooky idea for a horror game. There's a problem though: the entire middle section of the game, where everything is supposed to happen, is not here. The introduction shows the characters entering the house, then the game simply cuts straight to you being the last person alive, running north to escape. Without the middle section, getting to explore the house and slowly realizing the evil of it, it feels incomplete.


Reviewed by Lumin


I thought the intro was a little overly wordy (too many characters and their relationships/personalities introduced all at once, and in the end none of it mattered anyway.) This was one situation where trying to be balanced didn't really pay off--the NPCs either needed less time devoted to them to keep from being a distraction, or a lot more to make them developed enough to stand out.

The short, terse style of writing in the rest of the game definitely worked though. It's hard to create tension or a sense of immediacy in a turn-based text game, so the way it put you right in the PC's shoes and messed with the player's natural instinct to take their time and examine every single thing was kind of neat. (and cruel :p)        

No real puzzles, but that's not a big deal in a mini-game for a timed comp, and they would have only hurt the pacing anyway. Though on my second playthrough I did notice that if you did exactly what you were told and 'won', you were in for a very short (and not terribly interesting) experience!  

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