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Warlock Reviews
Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Overview: You’re a sorcerer living a solitary life in a tower and you create a succubus for pleasure. 

What works:
The writing style and atmosphere are the strong suits of this game – stronger than the story or characters. The sex is also quite hot and the characterization of Treela the demoness during the sex scene is probably the strongest individual aspect of the game. The game is technically sound. Chris Cole has long since mastered the ADRIFT system, as shown by his ability to not only avoid any of the odd random-sounding parser responses that that program often throws but to customize responses in such a way that they fit within the overall character of the game. 

What Doesn’t:
I just didn’t buy the whole story. It just didn’t hold together for me. For instance, the opening announcement, “You are Damias! Shadowmancer and Warlock! And you will not be silenced…” is simply a lie! It takes but twenty minutes in the hands of me, the player of this game, to silence Damias permanently. And here’s another problem: for all his bluster, Damias is simply too nice a guy. He has a corpse of a woman in his study, but he didn’t actually kill her. He has a crush on a farmer’s wife, but won’t act on it – in fact his magical voyeurism is kind of pathetic. The game’s intro talks about an ongoing dispute between Damias and some of his former masters, but from my point of view, Damias is too much a wuss (he even blows himself to bits with his own magic, ferchrissake) for them to go to any trouble about. If some aspect of that epic battle had been part of the game, it would have been a lot more convincing. Finally, I realize it is possible to reach an ending in which Damias doesn’t die, but that ending is the wussiest ending and results in no ‘fun’ anyway. Perhaps there should have been a way to win the game that would uphold the “And you will not be silenced…” promise. 

Concept/Writing: 5th 
Characters: 5th 
Technical: 5th 
Hotness: 5th 
Enjoyment: 5th 

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