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Author: Vachon
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Basic Story:
You have a crush on the girl next door.  Her name is Ruby and she has never given you any indication that she knows you exist.  The object, of course, is to score with her.

Overall Thoughts:
Are these actually getting worse or is it just me?  Girl next door stories are a staple in porn and erotica and AIF has certainly had its share.  This one is just boring and nonsensical even for Vachon.  Ok, so you like the girl next door but she doesnít know you exist.  The opening of the games says that maybe you should find a different way to approach her.  You mean that peeping at her through the window across the street wasnít working?  What does it take?  Well, in this case it evidently takes fucking all three of your sisters in one afternoon, which causes the beautiful Ruby to fall into your lap.

Puzzles/Game Play:
There are really no puzzles here at all.  When you fuck your first sister she gives you a magazine that you have to give to sister number 2 but that hardly qualifies.  The game is just moving from one girl to the next and fucking them in the right order (see below).

The sex is even more boring than the other games of his Iíve played.  In addition to the standard language problems the dialog itself is ridiculous.  What do I mean by ridiculous I hear no one asking?  Hereís an excerpt.

Carefully you run your hands under Heathers' skirt and over her panties.

"What are you ... don't do that."

"It is just for you Heather, just feel, and if you do not think it feels nice, tell me so and I won't do it again."

"But .... it's so wrong" Heather says nervousely

"Just try, do it for me, if you do not, I promise to buy you a big bag of candy."

"Oh, do you promise?" she shines up with all her face.

 She goes quite for a couple of minutes then you hear her starting to moan and you feel how she starts to press her legs around your hand. You continue to move your hands between her legs over her pussy.

"Oh, I feel so strange Biff, warm all over."

"Don't bother about that, just try to enjoy.

"Maybe we should remove your pants, maybe it will feel better then?" you ask her.

"Can you help me?"

You are more than happy to help, you take off her pants and her panties, and she doesn't object.

"My, Heather, these are already wet."

"I don't know how it happened" she answers as if she was ashamed.

After you toss them away you continue to move your hands over her pussy lips.

Soon you see that her stomach starts to move more rapidly

"AAAAHH Yeeess, more, more."

Now she leans over to the couch with her legs spread apart and you start to move your fingers inside her wet hole.


Then she can't hold back, with a rush through her body, wave of orgasm shoots over your fingers and hands.

What is that?" Ruby asks pointing at the wet place in the couch.

"It is a evidence on how much you just enjoyed yourself" you tell her.

"Oh, I am sorry" Heather says

"Don't be, it felt good, did it not? you ask her She nods in respond with a smile on her face.

Did I just offer to buy her candy?  What the hell?

Here you have three sisters that you have evidently been living with for a number of years completely platonically and yet you manage to have all three of them in a single afternoon.  Of course, all three make a point of telling you repeatedly what a stud you are.  I realize that with AIF it is often necessary suspend disbelief.  After all, when it comes right down to it we are not really looking for realism here but a good story or hot sex (maybe even both if weíre lucky).  In this game you donít have to suspend disbelief, you have to kill it, stuff it in a box, wrap a chain around it, and throw it in the ocean.

There is also a certain order you have to do things in.  First kiss her, then rub ass, then rub tits, then lick tits, etc.  If you try to deviate from the schedule the game tells you to wait, or go slower, or whatever.  The order does not even make sense most of the time and itís not the same for every girl so you have start over every time.

I have to admit that this one is a bit less buggy than the ones that have come before it.  You can examine body parts (more than once even).  There are actually a few conversational topics with each girl, and while the responses are as bad as the rest, at least they are there.  The game has nearly no objects to interact with, which lowers the technical score a bit but at the same time this just means there were less things for him to mess up so it works in this case.

Final Thoughts:
This was the least interactive, adult interactive fiction game that I have ever played.  Asking the girls about things is optional, examining body parts is optional, and examining the few other objects in the environment is optional.  Other than that every single command has got to be typed in exactly the right order to get the game to move forward toward its anti-climax.  Even if the writing had been exemplary, (it should go without saying that this is not the case here) this level of control over what the player can do at any point would have sapped all the fun out of the game for me.

Rating:  F

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