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Veteran Experience Reviews
Author: Robert Street (as Robert Rafgon)
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

A game by a newcomer and one brave enough to enter it in a competition to boot. Well, well… 

What's it about? You're the Veteran, a wrestler who seems to have gone to seed but is still determined to win a world wrestling tournament despite the slight disadvantage of all the other wrestlers being superior to him. How are you going to beat them then? Simple: you're going to cheat… 

Strangely this was closer to an actual game than anything else in the Comp: there were puzzles to solve (albeit simple and straightforward ones), things to examine and NPCs to interact with. The writing was nothing special but then three hours isn't a long time to work on your prose so that's no problem. 

The moral of the game seems to be a strange one: if you can't win fair 'n' square, cheat your ass off. I got the better of one opponent by beating him 
unconscious with a crowbar, another I burnt his face off with acid. I dealt with the other in a low-handed way as well and was left thinking afterwards that it might have been a better idea to have an option whereby you can defeat your enemies without having to maim them for life. It's also a bit farfetched that no one would have heard me braining some poor chap or throwing acid at someone else. 

But at the end of the day, this wasn't bad at all. It's a long way from being good but as far as three hour comp games go by newcomers, it was certainly a worthy first effort. 

4 out of 10 

Reviewed by DIY Games (May 2005)

The very unique setting and great writing elevate this game among the best this month. You play a retired wrestler in a town obsessed with the sport. As somebody who retired after a lost fight, you have been forgotten by the society and your liver, which seems to have died after the first few hundred bottles of booze. Now, however, you are thinking of a comeback… What makes the game so appealing is the excellent development of all characters. You’ll play a really despicable being, while some of the people you’ll be up against have deep backgrounds and are much more likeable. This only increases the appeal of the game, and you’ll have a difficult time putting it down.

Reviewed by David Welbourn (11 Nov 2005)

As the "Veteran", a pro wrestler past his prime, you are a last-minute replacement in a World title championship match. You are too old and weak to have a hope of winning honestly. But you are "smarter", and plan to eliminate all your opponents before the match even begins. Not through murder, but you're quite willing to ruin their careers or disable them so they can't compete.

As a puzzle game, it's a nice snack. And it's reasonably well-coded. But you might be put off somewhat by the immorality of the PC.

Rating: ***

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