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Vagabond Reviews
Author: Captain Obvious
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

I played this and finished it without ever really knowing what it was all about. You arrive on a planet, are given a note advising you to get off the planet as soon as you can, and then set about doing so. Very little seems to be explained - although a game written in an hour is never going to have a lengthy or detailed storyline anyway. Actually, considering the entire thing was completed in an hour, there's a surprising amount of depth here: locations are descriptive and interesting. 'Vagabond' doesn't have any actual puzzles and can be finished in the space of five minutes but it was well worth playing all the same. 

6 out of 10 

Reviewed by David Welbourn (13 Nov 2005)

A somewhat bland and forgettable game about escaping a planet. The game is written to suggest that it's part of a larger story, but if it is, you get no hint of it here.

Rating: ***

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