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ADRIFT V5 Intro Comp
Author: Various
Date: 2012

Comments by Jin Shane

- Quite gripping
- Very interested in where this story will go
- Just the right amount of thinking involved to move onwards in the game
- Enjoyed the vague plotline / mysterious atmosphere

- Quite a tasty intro
- Insanity-inducing Guess-The-Verb problems
- Commands are painfully specific, and most times require more detail than should be needed. one example: the full "half empty bottle of jack daniels" appeared to be the only command recognised for this item
- Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to look at or use the car keys. the words "keys", "key", "car keys", "car key" returned nothing.

- Intruiging opening
- Slightly bare descriptions and not enough objects to match things mentioned
- Encounter a "creature" during first playthrough which was impossible to attack. "Attack creature" and "attack creature with pistol" return a "you need a weapon message", despite the fact I was holding the pistol.
- Didn't experience the same problem on a second playthrough. In fact I didn't even encounter the "creature" a second time.

- Little attention to detail
- Was basically told exactly what to do to complete
- Ends abruptly as a short game rather than an intro

- A vibrant and interesting world
- Nicely written
- Styling and colour of fonts and such is random and odd, kinda' threw me off
- Took perhaps a little longer than I'd like to get to the point

Reviewed by David Whyld

Best to worst (in descending order):

"Axe of Kolt"
"Shattered Memory"
"The Blank Wall"
"Head Case"

"Axe of Kolt" by Lazzah
Liked: Nicely written, lots of text to set the scene. Felt like an actual game I was playing as opposed to "oh, an intro comp. Lemme throw something together in five minutesÖ" Definitely one I'd be interested in seeing finished.

Didnít like: The constant changing of the text colour was annoying. Often locations would be in a light blue font initially, but whenever I typed LOOK they changed to white. The lengthy wait once I was inside the tavern also seemed a bit drawn out, and I didnít care for the message flashing on screen telling me I could score extra points by asking Lizzie the right questions, and also informing me I had 50 moves to do it in. Kinda jarring.

"Organic" by Simple Ryan Crisotomo
Liked: Not much really. It wasnít the worst game in the comp but there wasnít anything about it I could point to as positive.

Didnít like: Spelling "crates" as "creates" (twice!) was a little unfortunate. Obvious commands that I felt should have worked didnít and instead produced default error messages. I wasnít able to take the assault rifles or the bodies - in fact, I was even informed that I couldnít see any bodies, despite being able to examine them. In another location, I wasnít able to examine the dead man, despite him being referred as such in the location description, but instead had to refer to him as "body". All in all, this wasnít a game I had a lot of patience for. Even as an intro, it's painfully unfinished.

"Head Case" by DazaKiwi
Liked: umÖ

Didnít like: Pretty much everything. Lots of typos in the (overly long) introduction, mainly commas and full stops in the wrong place. A good proofread wouldnít have hurt.

I can't examine the VAN but instead have to refer to it as BLACK VAN. Examining it reveals the unfortunate line THE VAN PASSENGER DOOR, THE DRIVERS DOOR AND THE VAN REAR DOORS ARE ON THE BLACK VAN. MYSTERIOUS VOICE IS INSIDE THE BLACK VAN. Ouch.

So many things were wrong with this game I wouldnít know where to start, but even as an intro it's so rough around the edges I couldnít recommend it to anyone.

"Trapped" by Driftwood
Liked: not many bugs. Quite nice considering this was the fourth game I had played and two of the others had been bugged to high heaven. (However, I did manage to cause a bug by taking the card reader with the credit card still inside it, trying to leave and being informed I couldnít because the payment been made. When I dropped the card reader, took the credit card out, and tried to leave, it let me.)

Didnít like: way too short. No real choices. Just walk through a couple of locations, perform a task (which you're told exactly how to do) and the game ends. I'd have preferred more of an actual game. Not to mention that it seemed way too "finished" to be considered an intro.

"The Blank Wall" by Richard Otter
Liked: as with "Axe of Kolt", this seemed more like an actual intro and not so much a 'threw together in five minutes' effort. You can examine things, find items, try and solve puzzles, and it has a storyline I found myself caring about.

Didnít like: not much really. I couldnít figure out some of the puzzles which is probably more down to approaching senility on my part than any actual problems with the game itself.

"Shattered Memory" by Jim Sane
Liked: This was more like reading an interactive novel than playing an IF game. Huge swathes of text, sometimes screen after screen of it, but quite likeable for it, and the occasional typo was easy enough to overlook. Ended just at the point I was getting hooked, so definitely one I'd be interested in seeing finished.

Didnít like: Obvious commands didnít work that should have. SLEEP won't work but LIE ON BED (which then has me going to sleep) does. I had to OPEN DOOR to get inside the building, with compass directions and attempts to simply ENTER BUILDING or GO BUILDING throwing up error messages.



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