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The Door to Utopia Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Woodfish

Quite good, considering... 

Considering this game was made in two days, it's actually quite good. 

Not much story, and not many good puzzles and only a few characters... oh... well, despite all that, it was a good game, with good writing, and made me laugh a couple of times. 

It's quite short, but it's completeable, and I found only a few bugs. Not quite up to the standard of Davidw's other games, but still a decent play. 

My only major gripe is that davidw (unintentionally, I'm sure) took the idea of the game I've been making for the last few months. Humph. 

Decent effort, though, for a 2 day game. 6/10

Reviewed by Carl Muckenhoupt

Freshly deceased and on the brink of damnation, you receive one final chance to wander your neighborhood and make amends for enough minor sins to tip the balance. A smallish game, crammed brimful with juvenile quips and occasional gruesomeness. Riddled with minor bugs, but nothing game-stopping. (One puzzle really looks like a game-stopping bug, but it's just an imitation of one.)

Rating: **

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