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We are Coming to Get You! Reviews
Author: Richard Otter
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

This struck me as a reasonably good idea to begin with but as soon as I'd started playing the game it quickly lost interest for me. 

You play a germ who has the task of crawling around a body and infecting things. Sounds interesting? Well… not really but it's certainly different enough to make you pay attention. 

Unfortunately, it's also a frustrating game to play. The intro informs you that you can "infect" things and that you should crawl around the body and infect as many things as you can. My first command, therefore, was "infect throat" which told me that I could not infect a whole area at once. So I went for something smaller: "infect tube". This hit me with an error message that it didn't understand what I meant! A bad case of programming there, particularly as the game advises you to "infect" things. There should at least have been some kind of default error message for when you try and infect something the writer hasn't covered. 

There were other annoying parts that I felt could have been improved on and even in a game written in just three hours, some of the oversights were hard to overlook. One location has an ear canal full of wax (clearly this isn't a game you want to play while you're eating your dinner) which needs to be removed. "Remove wax" doesn't work as the game interprets this as an attempt to remove the wax as if it was actually been worn! Trying to take the wax hits you with an unhelpful message saying that you can't but not actually saying why. 

I finished We Are Coming To Get You! easily enough once I'd got the basics of the game figured out yet I was left with the feeling that this could have been a whole lot better. 

3 out of 10 

Review by Laurence Moore

An intriguing title and a fairly novel idea for an adventure - you play a germ, yep, a germ - but I actually grew tired of it very quickly and was unable to progress far. In the opening location, the throat, I attempted to infect the lining and the tube but neither command was understood. This was very annoying for an opening location and did not bode well. I travelled to the ear where it was hinted that the wax should be removed. I checked my inventory but, being a germ, I wasn't too surprised to find that I did not have possession of a great cotton bud so I opted for a simple "remove wax" to be told I wasn't wearing it. Not good. I tried to infect the ear wax - probably a silly command - and was greeted with another "I don't understand" response. I tried to examine the ear wax and learned that I couldn't see too much because of all the ear wax!! 

I moved to a few other locations - we're in a human body, in case you haven't already guessed it - and was able to infect a mouth ulcer but I couldn't get anywhere other than that and gave up in disappointment and frustration. 

However, the game does have a few positive aspects - layout is pleasing to the eye (throat, mouth) and far improved from Richard's previous adventure. I didn't spot any spelling or grammar mistakes, either, and the idea behind the game did interest me, albeit for a short time. 

The game was part of a three hour competition so, perhaps, I shouldn't be too harsh but, overall, I couldn't work out how to progress and basic commands seem to yield too many negative and unhelpful responses. 


Reviewed by DIY Games (November 2004)

This is a very short ADRIFT game, where you play a germ with the task to infect everything you can. The story is quite original and fun to play, but also easy enough to be finished in a matter of minutes.

Reviewed by David Welbourn (BAF 11 Nov 2005)

This short game is fun, and a bit on the silly side. You are a germ with the special ability to infect things. You are quite an enthusiastic germ, ever so eager to infect every part of your host that you can reach, exploiting whichever vulnerabilities you can find. Once you've infected everything, find a way to get to your next host.

Note that standard compass directions aren't used in this game. Just type the location you want to go to, eg: "ear", and you're there.

Rating: ***

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