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Tomorrow Never Comes Reviews

Author: A.Bomire
Date: 2005

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot:

‘Welcome to MI6, agent’ – is what you’d like to hear when you roll up to the centre of British Intelligence every morning, but unfortunately you’re just a lowly member of Q branch, outfitting agents like James Bond with spectacular gadgetry for their secret spy missions.You’re given an assignment to rendezvous with a double-O agent to make a delivery, and from there, your life begins to get much more exciting…

Overall Thoughts:

Ahhhh, James Bond – this endearing fictional figure represents a life many of us wish we had: jetting off around the world, having amazing adventures and seducing beautiful women. The Bond books and movies have been spoofed and made homage to on many occasions, but A. Bomire has written quite possibly the first Bond-themed AIF. Not to say that there haven’t been AIF with secret agents before (British Fox, anyone?) but this is the first game to take place in the Bond universe, and as such can provide a new angle for AIF as well as some classic characters for the
player to interact with.


You’re a secret agent now, son – act like one! You are now in the world of disguises, gadgets and high-stakes card games. The latter takes centre stage in the early game, as you play a game of baccarat with more than just money on the line. While I had never played baccarat in my life, the game explained the rules and how to play it easily, and I won the game first time. If that’s not playability, I don’t know what is. Throughout the game I rarely had any problems with puzzles, at least the ones required to progress in the game. Scoring with the various women, however, is non-essential to the plot but can cause some head scratching moments.


Bomire writes sex scenes well, and TNC is no exception. While there isn’t an overabundance of ladies in the game, you will get the opportunity to interact with the famous Miss Moneypenny as well as the necessary innuendo-laced female villain. Not to mention the plucky female agent who is initially resistant to your charms…
As noted, some of the sex scenes are optional, but all are well worth your time. The women really do seem to fall for your charm, rather than just being sex-starved nymphomaniacs who’ll jump anything that moves. And no, you won’t have to fetch a certain item to score with a certain girl – usually it’s more of a case of “be nice”.


I can’t say I’ve seen many AIF games with sounds, music or pictures, let alone all three. When you jet from location to location, you get a fitting sound effect and picture of your destination. Adding to the Bond flavour are the opening and closing themes. When you sit down and play the game, it really gets you in the mood with its multimedia.The card game is another technical achievement. It runs fine, and while you can lose, I never managed to “break” it in anyway. In fact, the entire game is a clean piece of programming, with NPCs wandering all over the place, plenty of conversation and puzzles without any faults.


Nothing beats the feeling of being an almost-Bond, and the game’s themes, locales and room descriptions all reflect this. A. Bomire has nailed the Bond feel, conveying it in text well.

Final Thoughts:

JAMES BOND WILL RETURN greets in the credits of every Bond movie. Will this latest character return? Judging by the high quality of this game, I sure hope so. If you have any love for spy movies or any AIF in general, you will enjoy this game.

Rating: A


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