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The Will Reviews
Author: Ambrosine
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Robert Street

This older game was rediscovered a short while ago when David Whyld was collecting games for the Games Archive on his site. "The Will" is not surprisingly about a will, but it is surprisingly fun to play. The story can be found by reading the will in your inventory at the start, which says, "Find the 16 treasures hidden in and around my house and store them safely away and you will inherit a fortune". That's it for the storyline, and basically describes what you have to do to win the game. 

The sixteen treasures you are hunting for include items such as a silver necklace, a rare stamp and a titanium pocket watch. Some of these treasures are more difficult to find than others, and you have to examine everything closely. The main feature of this game is the many puzzles that you have to solve in order to locate the treasures. There often is no other reason to solve a puzzle apart from that it is there, and you are fairly certain that there will be a treasure hidden at the end of it. The puzzles were mainly logical, although I will admit that I looked in the generator when I was stuck trying to figure out how to get to the last few treasures. Usually though, the puzzles were fairly easy to figure out, and you just had to keep looking around until you found suitable objects to solve them with. 

This is an old-style game and does include a maze, although it is not too difficult. It is possible to, and I did several times, die, but this is usually well warned. The writing is generally of good quality, and there are lots of different locations to wander in and around the house. One thing that could have been better hinted within the game was that I had trouble figuring out where the treasures were supposed to be deposited. Eventually I found out that they all had to be placed on the Oriental rug in the gallery. 

Overall, "The Will" is a fun game. There is no deep storyline, but the game did entertain me whilst I was trying to figure out everything I had to do. 

SCORE - 6/10 

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