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Author: Eric Anderson (Hensman Int'l)
Date: 2007

Reviewed by Richard Otter

I like the intro to this game and it is a good premise for a game. Unfortunately this is let down by the first location which although containing many fantastic items, none of them can be examined.

The map is disabled which I do not like, it either mean the author is trying to hide something or it is too complex to display. Not keen on either.

Not enough aliases have been used for the various objects in the game. A typical example is the item being carried from the start, either a gold or silver watch (depending on your answer to the male/female question). Watch does not work, you need to enter Gold Watch. x control panel rather than panel

It is very possible to put the game into an unwinnable state, which I did many times. Quite a few of the task can only be done once. For example you can only get in the lift once which means if you need to return you can't then get back into the lift.

The games does contain various GTV problems - try using the binoculars to look out of a window.

By far the authors biggest crime though is the inclusion of a maze! A Maze! They are never enjoyable and I do not know why authors still feel they need to include them. Don't!

I feel that overall I was disappointed with the game, I expected more. I liked the concept behind the game, I enjoyed the location and object descriptions. I never felt I had much to do in the game which seems to comprise of five main tasks. Lack of things to do, few object aliases, some GTV and not enough testing let the game down.


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