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The Hunter Reviews
Author: Red Assassin
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Robert Street (Reviews Exchange 7)

The Hunter is the second game in the competition with the word 'hunter' in the title, but it is completely different in style to The Demon Hunter. This is a fairly traditional kind of fun puzzle-solving adventure. 

Unlike the other entries, The Hunter did not really use the original locations. The players only briefly pass through these locations on their way to the rest of the game, which is a pity as one of the interests I had in the competition was to see different people's ideas on how to create puzzles in the same locations. However, the game makes up for this by having a large amount of other locations. None of the other games come close to having as many additional locations. Expanding the world was an interesting idea, but too many locations were empty in this game. It possibly would have been better to cut down on the number of locations and simplify the map.

Make sure to pick up the hidden manual near the start to explain the magic system. This is the only useful object in the initial locations of the game. The magic system is interesting, but it really isn't that important after using it to solve the puzzles in the first couple of locations. It is very difficult to fully integrate a magic system into a game though.

The puzzles were mainly reasonable, although I found the time limit in the last puzzle was a little too short, and it took me a few attempts before I managed to find everything and figure out the order of commands. There is not a huge amount of story in this game, and the ending comes suddenly, which does leave scope for further adventures.

Overall, this is another interesting entry in the competition, which is fun and does not take too long.

SCORE - 5/10

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