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The Demon Hunter Reviews
Author: David Parish
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Robert Street (Reviews Exchange 7)

The Demon Hunter is a good game, which is appropriately about a demon hunter. I felt that this game was well-deserving of the third place it received in the Finish The Game competition. The game provides atmosphere, and you do feel that there could be danger at any time.

There is an interesting story in The Demon Hunter, with the game focusing more on the story than most of the other competition entries. Creating an interesting story is difficult when you already have an initial set of locations, so the author has done well to include it. There is a very extensive back story, with quite a few pages of text available by reading the journal. This is a little concentrated, and ideally this story would be a bit more spread out in the game to break it up, as it is slightly intimidating in size.

The game is not too long and the puzzles are mainly reasonable. A few more synonyms around the puzzle with the pile of books might have made it a little easier though. Overall this is a good short game that successfully managed to build on the premise of the original locations.

SCORE - 6/10

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