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The Road Leads to Nowhere Reviews
Author: The Dominant Species (TDS)
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Very interesting, but I stopped playing when I was told there was a hole in the path but upon 'examine hole/pit/ground' I was told there was no such thing. 5.

nice idea but board me, forest gets boaring after a few rooms. 4.

I like a challenge but this game was hard. If the only mention of the ground is that it is covered in leaves, and I examine the leaves, I don't expect to then find a critical object when I eXamine the ground ten minutes layer. I battled all the way to the end without help, but then got mightly confused by the final puzzle. I had actually found the answer, I just didn't know how to use it correctly. The story was interesting but the ending felt like a let down. 6.

This one really needed the generator to be available. In short comp games where you have no time to make hints or a walkthrough, it really is necessary. 

Okay, I like the idea (getting lost in the woods) - has great scope for a bit of scaryness. I even like the short descriptions. But there are some grammar and spelling errors (not that I really mind, since it is a 3 hour comp, and I'm just as bad). There are some bugs - for example at the campsite it says first you can only go NW, then it says you can go NW and E in the same room description. In the woods to the NW and NW, it indicates you can go NW, but when you try it says you can only go SE and SW. 

I only knew to inspect the ground E of the campsite with help from the forum - nowhere else can I inspect the ground, so it seems a bit unfair. After I get past the pit, it says the vine was lost in the trees, but actually it's in my inventory. 

Opening the cabin door with the ID card was something unclued, and I never would have guessed it without direct help on the forum. There is no description of any kind of lock that could be opened like that, so is a bit unfair.

The combination lock: okay, I lit a fire and found 2 numbers behind the painting, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out how to 'input' them into the lock. I couldn't 'x' the other paintings individually, simply because I kept typing 'x paintingS' instead of 'x painting' which was a but stupid on my part, but really both should've been implemented, since the paintings were initially described as a group.

All in all, this was a difficult game, and started to get pretty frustrating, with little to keep the interest up whilst trying things over and over with no success. 2.

A strange game that didn't seem to make a lot of sense and was annoyingly difficult in places, but oddly likeable all the same. Several times I seem to find myself at a dead end but then just managed to figure out what I needed to do to make further progress. I struggled quite frequently with the correct wording for some of the puzzles, and exits being incorrectly marked from a couple of locations didn't help either. Still, for a game written in three hours, this wasn't bad at all. Pity about the downbeat ending, though. Was going to rate it 7, but guess the verb problems knocked it down to 6. 

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