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Temple of the Sun Reviews
Author: Mystery
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld

Reviewed for InsideAdrift End Of Year Comp 2003


Comments: One thing I often find annoying in games hit me here: constantly being moved to another location without being shown a description of the location. It might seem a small deal to type "look" but it sure gets frustrating! There was a very strange bug when I was moved to the cage and told I was sitting next to a man, yet when I tried to speak to him it turned out he was dead! Could this be the Queen of the Beta-Testers not getting a game properly beta-tested beforehand? Tut tut...

Errors aside, what did I think of the game? Not a lot really. It didn't seem very well written, made little or so sense whatsoever and contained a *lot* of non-obvious puzzles. It was also very, very linear: mostly I seemed to be forced along a set path with nothing to do except type "z" and wait for events to unravel themselves. All in all, not a disastrously bad game but one which I sense was written in a great hurry and could, dare I say it, have benefitted from some pretty thorough beta-testing...

Total: 15 out of 40

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