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The After School Special
Author: Armsteadhammerschlag
Date: 2012

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by The Blue Satyr


It's another Friday at Chippewa High School which means another Friday night to find something to do. Luckily you recently changed your image into something that might actually get you laid. Kristen seems to like you in that special way but she never went all the way before. Time to use the excuse of a yearbook interview and find out if she's game for tonight.


He's the author with the long and crazy name. Armsteadhammerschlag is the author of The After School Special. This is his first game unless I am mistaken.


Well the protagonist is supposed to be you in high school. Most of us were awkward and clueless back then so who wants to redo that? Actually quite a few people probably. To start the game you put in your name. Lame. I always think an author should either make up the protagonist and his name before hand or just let the player be the anonymous nameless Everyman.

The protagonist in this game is supposed to be you but he acts and thinks like someone else. Really he seems like the typical teenager looking to score which is probably what the author had in mind.


In the opening scene we are introduced to Ms. Kirkegaard whom acts as some sort of creepy foil to the protagonist. And then there is Kristen, your love interest and quasi-girlfriend. Kristen is described as not being any sort of sexual dynamo or drop dead beauty. Instead the author was able to convince me through hints in the description that I am quite smitten with her on an emotional level and not just for her sexy butt and cute bob cut. You could translate that emotion into being teenage lust and not actual affection but I felt the latter was the true intent. Very good work on the author's account.

Communication with Kristen is rather basic fare. You can ask her about body parts, about the interview or what she is doing on Friday night. That alone is fairly standard and a tad boring but then I noticed that Kristen's responses would change as game variables changed especially during sex! This effect helped me visualize Kristen as being alive, a person that evolves like real people and thus someone I can care about. Excellent.

The two main characters in the game aren't actually described by an actual age which is a good thing for some of us players. I don't like games with minors so I can easily imagine the protagonist and Kristen being 18 year old high schoolers.


Overall the sex scene is quite varied but at the same time the game seems to be calling up different descriptions and pasting them together into one description. And it doesn't always come out sounding right. For instance, it seemed like every time I wanted to fuck Kristen she would be pulling my cock out of my pants. I figured she would just have to do that once? Anyway I started to ignore that paragraph after reading it for the first three times.

Orgasms. We all like them and this game features an arousal system that allows both of you to pop quite frequently. Kristen ends up having as many orgasms as you let her. You can have repeated orgasms which is wholly unrealistic for a guy but it is no doubt fun.

One feature I love to see in games is the ability to put your cum where you want to. In this case you can put it on her face, in her pussy or in her ass. Kristen won't take you in the mouth (cum or blowjob) which I think enhances her believability as her own unique

There isn't any more sex actions in TASS than found in the basic AIF game. But this is a mini-comp and can easily be forgiven since the game offers a robust number of sex descriptions. All the different sex actions have varied outputs, seemingly depending on how many times you have repeated them and how the random descriptions are put together. And it gets better, the game remembers what you do to Kristen and adjusts the descriptions of sex acts, body parts and what Kristen says to match what has happened in the past. This is what I like to see and create in my own games, a living, breathing game that changes the environment and characters according to your actions. Kudos to Armsteadhammerschlag!

The above paragraph makes the sex scene hot and interactive. Pay attention to how things change as the sex progresses. The author's writing is very good but loses some cohesion due to the patchwork descriptions that don't always mesh together well.


The sex scene may have a lot going on for it but when it comes to the rest of the world the author fell flat. Descriptions of rooms are sparse and details about objects are very short or non-existent altogether. The world failed to present any kind of immersive atmosphere for the player.

There isn't much story to TASS and it is not hard to progress quickly to the sex scene. Just ask about an interview and fool around a little and you will get laid. Without much story to follow the game really revolves around Kristen. This is believable enough, a horny teenager only thinks with his cock and Kristen would be his one and only focus while trying to get into her pants.


I didn't find any problems with typos. The only technical problem is the aforementioned jumbling of some of the sex descriptions. For a first game TASS is polished well.

A major problem I had with the game was in having to write in a character's name to do something with them. For example, the player must type in 'rub Kristen's tits' instead of the usual 'rub tits'. Granted you must specify a name when there are multiple characters in the room but you do not have to do this when you are alone with one character. This got annoying very fast, especially during the sex scene.

Outside of the sex scene the world is fairly ho-hum with no unique game play. Once into the sex you will find all the neat little additions that the author added to spice up the scene. I have already mentioned all of these technical flourishes in other sections so I will move on.

Bottom Line:

Don't look too deeply for a story other than interacting with Kristen. The game is really, IMHO, all about doing Kristen because the sex scene outshines the rest of the game by a long shot. I look for TASS to contend for the top spot for best sex in the voting. Unfortunately the lacking detail to environment and thin story (horny teenagers wants to get it on) will hurt the game in other areas of voting.

I liked this game, I just wish it had more meat on its bones other than the sex. That being said, this is the author's first game and as such it is passes with flying colors. Good work, brother!

Reviewed by Gary Plume

Character wise, I almost fell in love with Armsteadhammerschlag's non-stereotypical A-cup girl with funny mystic beliefs in the power of sperm to fertilize her small chest. I have trouble fully enjoying GoblinBoy's School Dreams because the lolitas - especially the virginal ones - bother my prudishness about underage sex. But Armsteadhammerschlag's Kristen, despite (or because of?) her deficient bust, has me re-examining my aversion to schoolage girls. I can't explain why I liked her character so much except that just as Armsteadhammerschlag wrote for Kristen's introduction, "She has a weird `thing' about her." The French would say she has "je ne sais quoi." It's magical that Armsteadhammerschlag accomplished this in prose. I almost felt sad that she refuses to give a blowjob, although it's powerful to hold back something. The subsequent cut scene with the PCs cousin Molly triggers a little "eww", but I really can't throw stones.

Technically, I appreciated the level of technical detail produced in changing Kristen's appearance and her taste when you started to get cum all over her. The arousal system was also well implemented, and I spent many orgasmic cycles trying to master the trick of the simultaneous orgasm for both penetrations where this is possible. I felt that this game deserved a much higher technical ranking than it received.

Plotwise, there didn't seem to be much story as it was almost all concentrated on the Steamy Sex Scene. But boy was it steamy! I think that the references to smelling her sex were really hot. Armsteadhammerschlag nailed the presentation of the gustatory and the olfactory and produced something viscerally moving.

The furtiveness of the Dressing Room sex was nice, but allowing full on intercourse in there seemed redundant compared with the freedom later in Kristen's living room. The cloakroom might have had better meaning if Kristen served up just the appetizer as a teasing tart on school grounds and saved the main courses for her living room. I liked the inclusion of Ms. Kirkegaard as the spoiler of your plans and the dealer of death. Perhaps more mind games against her a la Harry Potter and his untrustworthy teachers would make a compelling undercurrent.

Despite the lack of plot or serious difficulty getting to have your way with the main NPC, I found this to be the most enjoyable game of my four competitors.



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