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Susan Reviews

Author: Bill Larkins
Date: 1995

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Carl Muckenhoupt

A minimally erotic game - basically, Susan won't make love until you complete a series of errands. Definitely lightweight. The only significant obstacle is a maze.

Rating: **

Reviewed Bryan's Reviews

This is not a game you could very easily confuse for "high art." A thousand times nay. The goal is to copulate with your sexy girlfriend Susan. To do so, you must retrieve a variety of objects which Susan will request. You must hazardously brave twenty seven locations, a deadly maze, and your own shame at playing such a silly text adventure game to accomplish your mission. Leave it to AGT writers to come up with a game like this 'un. Just kidding. I like AGT a lot, but, you know, it seems that, uh, there isn't necessarily a very high level of intelligence maintained in a lot of the games which require that interpreter. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. The games always LOOK nice, though. This game, for instance, has really cool cyan text! And after all, interactive fiction is only as good as the visuals, right? Right! Essentially, there's only one hard thing about Susan: the maze. But, as it turns out, that's pretty simple, too. And if you type "help" the game'll even TELL you what to do, so not even a newbie will get stumped by it. Oh yeah, what about when you win? Well...I wonder how this game got an 'R' rating? It's not very explicit. In fact, it's kind of disappointing. Here you are wasting your time running around picking up coke bottles and condoms and chains and crap, but when you win the game, you don't even get to bask in your accomplishments! It's just...over.

Did I mention that this game is a work of "experimentary" interactive fiction yet? The game is a metaphor for life. Susan represents everything we hold dear - our fondest dreams and aspirations. In order to make our dreams a reality, we do lots of stupid tasks which we think will bring us closer to our ultimate goal. But like the protagonist in Susan, once we achieve our goal, we realize it wasn't that much to begin with, and in effect, we've been wasting our time working towards this goal because we'll never get a chance to enjoy it once we've got it. This is the most depressing game ever made.

Simple Rating: 3/10

Complicated Rating:12/50

Story: 1/10

Writing: 2/10

Playability: 4/10

Parser Responsiveness: 1/10(What parser responsiveness?)

Puzzle Quality: 4/10(Nice maze. Tee-hee.)

Reviewed by Karole

Susan - A Lustful Game an addictive text adventure game in which you attempt to score points with your girlfriend with the view of making out with her ultimately. Susan refuses to make love in bed with you until she is in the right frame of mind and it is up to you to persuade her to come through by satisfying her every wish. It may be as simple as kissing her which gets you into her bedroom. However, they get more complicated for example getting her a cold drink, retrieving her gold locket which she has lost or buying and wearing a condom. These are not too easy as you have no money to start with and have no idea where the shops are located. So you spend time with Susan to find out what her wishes are, and then run around town to find whatever is needed to make her happy. Sound familiar?

Text with no pictures may seem boring; however your own imagination quickly provides the most lurid of scenes, far better than any cartoons. Unlike many RPG games there is no guarantee that you can complete the game just by clicking through the scenes. It does require concentration and thought to work out where to go and also to ensure that you have found the equipment you need to find your way through the next problem. Inevitably, you will have to retrace your steps back to earlier locations to find and pick up whatever is needed to proceed further. If you are not mapping the locations onto paper as you go, then you are bound to get lost unless you are an Eagle Scout with an IQ of 200. Finding your way through the construction site maze is the most difficult task and you need to have every piece of portable gear with you right at the start to find your way out of the other ends. Also, remembering there are always at least ten different directions to move from any point within the construction site does help keep ones temper intact. If you can manage that, the rest is fairly straightforward.

As happens in real life, bad manners or stupidity can kill you off although unlike real life you do get a second chance. You may be tempted, no doubt from frustration, to force Susan into bed and the consequences are surprising. Stepping off the sidewalk into the middle of the traffic stream without caution has more inevitable results.

Bill Larkins wrote this using a Softworks Adventure Game Toolkit and he released it in 1988. Although then classified as R rated for adults, today the erotic content is pretty slim line and it is more suitable for the 12+ age group.

This version has a glitch right at the end when, having satisfied Susan's every wish and errand, the game crashes just before you seduce her.


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