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The New Super Stud Reviews
Author: Deckmaster
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Basic Plot 
Seven gorgeous exchange students from around the world have just started attending the local college. You and two other guys are trying desperately to sleep with all of them before the end of the school year. 

This game is modeled after a popular type of game style used in many Anime and Hentai game formats, usually produced in Japan, called a Dating Simulation (or Sim). This type of game uses a combination of techniques to get a girl (or multiple girls, in this case) to become more attracted to you, represented by a relationship score or “love meter”. You usually have a fixed length of time to do so. 

In the case of this game, you can get different jobs to earn money and raise your stats (charisma and charm). You also spend time with each girl, and even resort to out-and-out bribery (buying and giving gifts), to get her to the point where she will sleep with you. Along the way you learn stuff about each girl, and are subjected to a “How well do you know me?” quiz before she'll go all the way with you. 

Overall Thoughts 
This is the second dating sim game produced by this author, his previous game being The Village of Love and Lust. Producing a dating simulation game is a chancy prospect – even more so than a typical AIF game. A well-designed game will have multiple outcomes and branching storylines depending upon which statistics you build up. Will you swim a lot and get the girl on the swim team, or read at the library for a chance with the school nerd? These types of games are often designed to be played over and over. 

In many of these games, however, you simply mindlessly perform the same boring tasks over and over just to watch your score increase. This type of game has very little in the way of replay value, and in fact is hardly any fun to play the first time through. Unfortunately, I found that this game falls more in line with the latter group. 

Puzzles/ Game Play 
The only real puzzles in this game are “Where is name?” and “How does she feel about me?” The game has the typical dating sim scenario of getting jobs to both raise your statistics and earn cash to buy gifts for the girls. However, I found that I could largely ignore the job getting phase and simply talk to the girls a number of times to raise their love meter towards me. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it certainly isn't the way this type of game is usually played. 

The author explains within his README file that you should take notes on the girls to find out where they are likely to be during certain segments of the game (day, evening, night, etc.). But he also helpfully provided a “where is” command (along with ADRIFT's built-in “find” command) that will tell you where any girl is at any time. Each girl gives you a wealth of knowledge about herself such as her favorite colors, movies, sexual positions, etc. Deckmaster has helpfully stored this for you in a “notes” command so that you can review it when the question-and-answer segment comes up. In all, I found I could ignore the note taking thanks to these helpful additions. 

As you build up each girl's relationship, she will allow you to progress further and further with her - from a SLAP! to full out sex in her room. The sex scenes are cut-scenes described for you after you complete the quiz portion with each girl. They are good, but nothing really exciting about them. You can also kiss and fondle the girls during the game. These portions are pretty repetitive, with no effort made to customize the results. For example, “kiss tits Victoria” (yes, an odd way of phrasing which is explained in the read me) is no different than “touch tits Victoria”, or for that matter “kiss ass Victoria” and “kiss pussy Victoria”. The only really distinctive sexual scenes are the results of the question-and-answer sessions. 

As I mentioned earlier, I found I could ignore the job getting portion and simply “talk to girl” over and over to raise her stats. I do not know if this is a bug, but it isn’t the way these types of games usually are played. Also, although you are meant to sleep during a portion of each day, I made it through the whole game without ever sleeping with no discernible penalty. This may also be a bug, although it is a bug in my favor. 

There were a couple of situations that arose where I assume I was in a position to observe a girl having sex with one of my competitors, but no messages to this affect were ever displayed. My assumption is based upon the fact that the girl and guy were in her room late at night, and attempts to start the question-and- answer session were rebuffed by the guy with a “Hey! Can’t you see we’re busy!” message of some sort. But, I could be mistaken about this and they were simply playing an invisible game of Parcheesi. 

There are some other minor technical problems as well, but nothing that caused the game to hang up or interfered with play. 

The game does come with a set of pictures that change during the course of play. The pictures appear to be original works by the author. It is a nice touch that you see a different picture for a girl who is sunbathing at the beach than you do when she is dancing at the night club. 

Final Thoughts 
Because most dating sim games use a pattern of repeatedly performing tasks to raise statistics, I usually find them not to my taste. I found that this game falls into that category. You seem to be able to avoid all of the "sim" part quite easily. The reward is some pretty bland sex scenes (one per girl), which doesn’t seem to be worth the effort. 

Rating: D

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