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Author: Herrdu
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Overview: You play a female college student who invites her boyfriend over for sex. Unfortunately, itís Super Sunday, and all he wants to do is watch the Super Bowl. Can you score the touchdown or will you be penalized for (wait for itÖ) pass interference?

What works: The story has a reasonable progression from start to finish. It has some fun little puzzles to solve in order to defeat your boyfriendís obsession with the Super Bowl and get his buddy Buddy out of the way of your fun. The sex is decent, though somewhat too penis-size-focused, and is enhanced by different actions in the multiple available locations. This is the only Inform game entered in the comp. The author seems comfortable with the system and I didnít find any serious bugs in the game. It gives you the option (once youíve finished playing) of changing the third-person orientation of the game to more traditional second-person orientation, but some
pronouns and verb forms donít work properly with the transition.

What doesnít: Moby, the main NPC, might as well be a statue with a penis, and this kills my evaluation in all five categories. He doesnít have a realistic (or, truthfully, any) reaction to numerous fairly traumatic or arousing events in the game. For instance, he doesnít react to his friend passing out cold. He doesnít react if Missy shows him her breasts or pussy or traipses around naked. The only event he reacts to is if I try to turn off the TV, but the text never mentions that he reacts to an event in the Super Bowl itself. Then, once he is actually interested in sex, he seems to inexplicably go back and forth between being involved in the sex and involved in
watching the football game. I think there should be a progression, where he starts off not really being too involved in sex (after all, what could be better than watching the Super Bowl while getting a blowjob) and as the sex progresses he should forget about the game and get more into the sex scene.

Concept/Writing: 6th
Characters: 6th
Technical: 7th
Hotness: 7th

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