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Stuck Piggy
Author: Mike Desert
Date: 2011

Reviewed by David Whyld

A nasty little game entered in the ADRIFT Ectocomp 2011, where it came last. Not surprising really as it's buggy and unpleasant in equal measures.

After running into more than a few problems with the game being constantly told that "Billy's not here, man!" when he was stood right in front of me, and the game refusing to accept I had taken the bag of candy from Sally I resorted to peeking in the Developer to try and make some headway. Here I saw such delightful tasks as "rape billy", "use ice pick on billy's genitals" and "hit billy with toaster" which resulted in me wetting myself with excitement! Charming. As it happened, I was never able to put poor Billy through such torments as the game stubbornly insisted he wasn't there every time I tried. Probably just as well really. I couldn't wait to stop playing this one.

Reviewed by Campbell

It is very difficult to get started with this game, as the author has created his own verbs to take objects instead of overriding the built in ones. Unfortunately in doing so, he hasn't covered common possibilities such as "get".

Reviewed by DCBSupafly

SCORE: 5/10
Comments: I couldn't get through the GTV, and never knew my motivation. I am a big fan of simple get/use game play and don't mind (read: love) the sinister, but it felt too random for me to get into it.

Reviewed by Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 1/10

Reviewed by E. Joyce

SCORE: 1/10
Comments: Buggy and under implemented even for a speed IF, and I found it pretty tasteless.

Reviewed by Mel S

SCORE: 5/10
Comments: A suitably grisly entry for a Halloween competition, containing all of the nose-grating you could possibly want, but it suffers from some guess-the-verb problems which made me turn to the walkthrough often. Definitely something I think could be interesting in an expanded, more polished form.

Reviewed by MathBrush

This game can't do anything past the first move. It was written for Ectocomp, but it seems not to have been tested at all.

In general, it seems like it would be a creepy game where you play a stalker, possibly having a humorous turn later.

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