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Stowaway Reviews

Author: Johnny Freebase
Date: 2007

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Kastier

Plot synopsis:
You fly a ship across the solar system, taking cargo from one point to the next. It's not glamorous, but it's a living. In the midst of one of your
trips, something odd happens to the replicator. You need the thing to eat. Better go check it out.

Writing + Plot:
I sort of liked the plot of this game, and the sci-fi setting. For something as short as this game, it came off as well thought out, with a little more
depth than you'd expect. The stowaway concept is one that hasn't really been used in AIF yet, so it would be interesting if J.Freebase ever decides to re-
write this game into something more substantial.

As it is, the game's brevity hurts it, especially since the game's one sex scene is so short and un-descriptive that it might have been lifted from a
trashy romance novel. A longer ending would have helped make up for the briefness that this game otherwise displays. The A in the AIF is barely
displayed here as it currently stands.
Score: 4

Technical (design + programming):
According to the J. Freebase, the designer, this game was created on the demo version of Adrift 4.0. What this means is that he was limited to 25 tasks in
his game because the unregistered Adrift 4.0 has a task limit. Yes, that's right. 25 tasks to stuff a game into. Since tasks are used like water in
Adrift games, that he was actually able to make a game that had as much in it as this one does is slightly amazing. That it works is slightly more-so.

Overall, it is well designed (though it does more or less lead you by the hand to get through it) despite the limitations of the program used to make it. But
at the same time, it's shockingly short, with very little extra for players to explore. Why he didn't use the free Adrift 3.9, which probably could have done
all of the same things and at the same time allow him to field a slightly larger interactive game is beyond me. Maybe it was about the challenge of it.
Who knows?

It's hard to score something like this fairly, so I'll give it a neutral score.
Score: 5

Entertainment Factor:
There isn't much here as far as AIF content goes. The one sex scene is so short as to be barely one at all, all the tasks that could be used for doing
interesting things to the female character, being instead used for all the game's puzzles.

It is mildly entertaining to play if you go from the perspective of someone knowing the limitations the author had in making it, but from a pure AIF
perspective, it's terribly short, and the reward you get at the end isn't really worth it. If it was longer perhaps... well, I don't know.
Score: 2

The Last Word:
There isn't much to this game. The main draw of it is it's tiny size and that the author had to overcome a 25 task limit to make it. That said, it's not much
of a game, and winning it really doesn't provide much of a reward.

I can only encourage the author to try again, this time with a version of Adrift that isn't limited to 25 tasks. If he does so, I don't doubt his games
will be worth playing.

Kastier's ranking: 3.6 out of 10

Reviewed by Purple Dragon  (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 9 - October 2009)

Basic Story

You are the captain of a small ship running cargo around the solar system. On one run you discover a stowaway among your cargo.

Overall Thoughts

I liked the idea of the game, and in the fairly small introduction the author managed to paint a good amount of background and give the story a good setup. Unfortunately, the extremely small size of the game did not
allow room to develop the story as much as I was hoping.

Puzzles/Game Play

There are a couple of small puzzles involving finding the stowaway and winning her over. Nothing too tricky and the text tells you what you need to do if you pay attention as you read.


The sex scene in the game is fairly well written, but like the game as a whole, it is much too short. The response for when you actually have sex with her was especially short, giving the impression that the
author was for some reason rushing through the ending.


Nearly all the technical problems in this game were ones of neglection, things that were left out, rather than errors with things that were there. The reason for this was explained in the readme file that came with the
game (yep, I am one of the few people who actually reads those things). The author admitted that this was written with the unregistered version of ADRIFT 4.0. This means that he has only 25 tasks to work with,
and as anyone who has worked with the program (including this author) will tell you, that is not enough for
a full game.

The limitations of the program led to many cases where objects that should have been present were either not there or did not act as they should. It is also the reason that the sex scene and the game as a whole feels
so rushed. With only 25 tasks to work with, you simply don't have enough to work with to produce a full game. It is interesting (and unfortunate) that the author himself pointed all this out in his readme file, yet
still went ahead and released the game as is, rather than either stepping up to the registered version, or back to ADRIFT 3.9.

Final Thoughts

This was a disappointing game to play. Not because it was bad, but because it was heading toward being good and simply didn't have the room to make it there. Another thing that the author mentions in his
readme file is several other games sitting on his hard drive in various stages of completion. Five years after his only game release, it is probably too late to hope for his return to those games, but I hope so anyway. I
would love to see what he could do with a full game, and room enough to tell his story.

Rating: C


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