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Storm Tossed Reviews
Author: David Grigg
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Ambrosine

Flawed but Fun

Despite the fact that the early bits resulted in my death way more times than I would have liked, and the map (which I usually make good use of) was a bit wankie, there is just something about this game that kept me coming back "for just one more try". And isn't that the most important thing about a work of IF - a story that keeps the player interested? 

I enjoyed playing this game and look forward to the author's next effort.

Reviewed by David Whyld (1)

Okay, but needs work

I've never read Shakespeare's "The Tempest" so I can't judge how accurately this follows the storyline (if at all) but it was a fair game nevertheless. The writing was the best thing about it. The puzzles were all reasonably logical if you thought about them, though some were possible to complete without even knowing why (floating around in the sea and being saved from drowning because you happened to be carrying the empty **** was one. If you don't have the **** at that point, no amount of trying is going to save you.) 

That said, the game has its share of flaws. The geography of the island was confusing as hell: going east from one location and then back west doesn't 
always bring you back to the same place. Generally the only way to find your way around was to look at the map (and after seeing what a confusing thing that was I kind of wished I'd lived in ignorance). 

I encountered a few bugs which didn't really affect the playing of the game but they were annoying all the same: picking up the poisonous snake, closing the window with my head still sticking out of it (!), being able to open the cask multiple times... 

All things said, not a bad game but definitely needs some work. 
5 out of 10

Reviewed: David Whyld (1)

How accurately the storyline of Storm Tossed follows that of Shakespear's The Tempest (on which it is based) I couldn't say as I've never read The Tempest but, that said, it's an interesting game that keeps your attention well enough.

The game begins with you aboard a ship in the middle of a ferocious storm. You've just awaken with a pounding hangover and must find a way to escape from the ship before it sinks, taking you with it. Wandering around the ship, exploring in the old adventure game tradition, is not a good idea as the ship has a nasty habit of sinking without any warning being given and leaving you in a watery grave.

Once you've escaped the ship and found your way to the second part of the game - the island - the adventure opens up quite a bit. Unfortunately I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not. The island is a confusing place: going east from one location and then back west doesn't necessarily lead you back to the same place. Sometimes you enter a location and find yourself unable to get back to the one you just left while other locations seem to have multiple exits which all lead to the same place. Making your way around is quite nightmarish at times.

Another problem with the game once it reaches the island stage is that it seems to lose focus; whereas on the ship your objective was obvious (get off the ship before it sinks and takes you with it to the bottom of the sea) as soon as you reach the island it becomes much harder to figure out what to do. I encountered Miranda but was unable to make much progress with her - she ran away every time I tried. Caliban just tended to wander around grunting from time to time. As I said above, I've never read The Tempest so what happens once the character arrives on the island I don't know. Maybe someone familiar with Shakespeare would be able to figure out the next move, but this unfamiliar person found himself struggling.

As far as puzzles go, the game had quite an interesting variety of them. There were too many at the start, making the game a little too difficult, and too few once the island was reached, but all in all they were quite well thought out and reasonably logical. There was, thankfully, not too much of the dreaded guess-the-verb syndrome at play here. The hints system, while not giving as many hints as I might have liked, was at least there to help out in the hardest places.

My main criticism of the game overall is the ease at which it is possible to die, often with little or no warning given to aid the player in avoiding his 
fate. The ship on which you begin the game has a nasty habit of sinking very quickly indeed and there is no way of avoiding this happening and there are other instances - floating around in the sea, fighting with the shark - that seem to end with the player dying quite often. You might think this was no big problem as ADRIFT comes with a nifty little save game facility but it quickly becomes a pain when you're having to do it every three or four moves.

In conclusion, a fairly decent game let down by a little overeagerness on the part of the writer to kill off the player without any kind of warning given. 

Logic: 6 out of 10
Some of the puzzles were fairly logical, others were not. If you're afloat on the sea and don't have the correct item, no amount of luck is going to help you out and there's no way of knowing beforehand whether you would need the item in question. 

Problems: 9 out of 10 (10 = no problems)
Bugs as such no, but the geography of the island was confusing in the extreme and left me wandering around lost for the most part.

Story: 6 out of 10
Started off promising but seemed to lost its way once I reached the island.

Characters: 5 out of 10
Not particularly well drawn and difficult to communicate with.

Writing: 7 out of 10
Definitely the best thing about the game. Locations tended to be well written and interesting and the overall style was quite impressive.

Game: 7 out of 10
All in all, a decent enough game that should keep you interested for a while.

Overall : 40 out of 60

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