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Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reviews
Author: Dastardly Coward and Drunken Bastard
Date: 1998

Reviewed by Quentin.D.Thompson

If you're one of the many IF players who feel like murdering Mark Ryan for his disgusting blot on the history of Text Adventures, this very ribald parody game is the one for you. From Crow's new invention, the Suck-O-Matic, to Gypsy's new game, "Richard Baseheart Adventure 69", to the final confrontation with Frankie that is sheer Standard AGT pastiche, this is
a funny, irreverent and risque game that is definitely worth playing if you're badly in need of belly-laughs.

Notable : Well, check this out:

Frankie, Pamela's husband, is here.

> examine frankie
He's Pam's husband. Lucky guy, isn't he?
The frankie seems to be getting angrier!

> kill frankie

What frankie? I see no frankie here.

Even the TITLE is funny: IEASM, version release 69069, coded by the Drunken Bastard and the Dastardly Coward.

Grouses : Not everyone might enjoy the actual gameplay, which REALLY is cheap. To get the full impact of the game, you can try downloading the walkthrough of the original IEAOSM to help you out. (I'll give you an example of how foul Mark Ryan's original game was : 69 is a legal verb.)

Nitpicks : Unless you've scored the full hundred points, you can't see the (very funny) ending.

QDT4 : Well, in this game, 4-letter words are legal verbs(!), so the test can't apply.

Final Verdict : Good (but not very clean) fun.


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