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Space Detective
Author: Karmo Talts
Date: 2016

Reviewed by Richard Otter

This is a minimally implemented game which lacks polish to say the least. It also consists of seven separate game files (not sure why). I’m afraid I became very frustrated with Space Detective very quickly and stopped playing after half-an-hour. The game is based around the old amnesia after a crash idea, not wrong with that but only if done well or with some new twist.

My grumbles start with the fact that the author hasn’t even given the game a name within ADRIFT, so the opening line is “Untitled” (You find Title in Options on the Bibliography tab.).
Any descriptions to locations and objects have minimal descriptions. So, lots of “You see no such thing” which includes the space-shuttle you find yourself in or near at the start (not sure which as the description is misleading).

I couldn’t find any background or scenery object which could be examining or interacted with, so the game feels very flat and matter of fact. You really need to engage people from the very start, the first location is so very important. I did come across some NPC's in the game but found them all to be very flat and wooden.

Also, in a modern IF game the commands about, credits, help, or hints such all give some sort of response.

I’m afraid to say Space Detective has that unfinished feel about it. It could be an enjoyable game as it has lots of good ideas but not in its current format.

Score: 2 out of 10.

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