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Author: damageTXT
Date: 2021

 Reviewed by P/o Prune

Although it sounds like an interesting game to play, I must admit that I gave up pretty fast. This is a typical beginners game. There is nothing wrong with releasing a beginners game. We've all done that. But this game shows all the fatal errors.

First of all, it has not been tested before release. Or if it has the author is incredibly rude in not giving thanks to the beta testers for their work. So this emphasizes the number one rule before releasing a game: Beta test, beta test, and then again, beta test.
There are lots of spelling errors (something that is easily avoided by using a text editor, even if your first language isn't English)

In the first location I can pick up a door and carry it with me. Even being able to open and close it.

I move north from room #1, to room #2 by going north. In there I found a wallet which I took. It contains 10 coins. I then dropped the wallet and walked north again and ended up in Room #2.1. Trying to go south from Room #2.1 gave me the message: There's no route to the south, only North and East. Which means that my wallet, containing 10 coins are gone. Going North gave me the message "The door doesn't open. It's slammed shut." which is fair enough. But when I tried going East, I got the response: "nice"

Apparently you need a secret password in order to open the door leading North. But the author doesn't bother to tell you that.

The author switches between using I and you. >I gives you: I am wearing nothing and am carrying your wallet.

The whole setup is just too messy in my point of view.

Reviewed by David Whyld

This was a weird little game and no mistake, not to mention being remarkably rough around the edges. The impression I was left with was that it was one of those strange experimental games that donít really play like a game at all.

On the plus side, it was quite well written. On the down sideÖ well, everything else. The first puzzle involved recognising a famous quote and saying the authorís name, which causes a door to open. Why? Beats me. Strange experimental games, eh? (Incidentally, OPEN DOOR and X DOOR donít work.) Other puzzles involve waking up a princess and answering her question, which were fairly easy, if nonsensical, and one with a poor man in a prison cell, which I couldnít figure out even with the walkthrough command. To be fair, I didnít try that hard. This game really wasnít to my liking and I didnít feel any need to persevere any longer.

2 out of 10 (probably should have been 1 out of 10 but the writing was better than you'd expect)

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