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Smut City Reviews
Author: K. Doolittle
Date: 16-Aug-1991

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Kastier

Plot synopsis:
Welcome to SMUT CITY, a mythical building where all sorts of male fantasies come true.  Now that you've found the place, it's time to explore and well, you 
know, do the predictable sort of thing for this sort of game. 

Writing and Plot:
Plot? What plot?  Oh, the one about having sex with anything remotely female  shaped.  Right. Feminists of the world unite. This game is pretty sexist, not 
to mention maybe a little racist with a little pseudo-pedophilia mixed in for kicks.

The fellow who wrote the text for Smut City certainly was no Hemmingway, but at  least he made some effort to write extensive sex scenes.  Some of those scenes 
can be so long that they fill two entire screens.  The sex scenes take the nature of cut scenes that scroll after the player types variations on "F---  NPC."

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, the scenes aren't that well written. Both the grammar and vocabulary are pretty bad, and much of it ends up feeling sort 
of like an adolescent boy's fantasy. The author also has the bad habit of capitalizing random words in the middle of sentences and forgetting to use quotation marks 
around dialog.

There's very little continuity in the game, and the game's resolution comes out of the blue and makes little sense.  All that said, the sex scene writing shows 
some originality.  It's different for every NPC, and is quite extensive, though some of it is a little strange.  The scenes with Momma and Princess come to mind.  
The whole thing with Princess smacks of psuedo-pedophilia.  "Oh, she just 'looks' young."  Right.
Score: 2

Technical (design + programming):
Smut City is technically fairly solid.  I didn't encounter any bugs that I could see, and while there were some commands that were cludgy (like typing "down" to 
get into the bathtub), the design of the puzzles isn't too bad.  I found that I was able to complete the entire game without the use of a walkthrough.  That's not bad 
considering my experience is that many AIF games aren't usually so generous.

The design of the sex scenes are very puzzle oriented.  They follow a sort of "get object, give it to girl, f--- girl" sort of formula.  For this type of 
game, where the goal is strictly to have sex with anything that moves, this sort of formula works just fine.

The parser wasn't too bad either, I didn't find myself guessing the verb too much, which is another welcome change from many early (and some later) AIF 
games.  Granted, your choices are limited for the most part, and things like talking are not rendered into the game, but what is there is fairly straight-

Overall, the design and programming aren't too bad for an older AGT game.
Score: 5

Entertainment Factor:
Smut City is mildly entertaining.  The puzzles are quite solvable, which helps to hold down the frustration factor, and there is a variety of girls to 
experience.  The sex scenes, while adolescent, are at least original and extensive.  There are a lot of them too, including two threesome scenes, 
something of a rarity in AIF.

Smut City has some replayability and is mildly fun.
Score: 4

The Last Word:
Smut City was the second AIF game I ever played (the first being Softporn, which can barely be called AIF).  I distinctly remember finding it on-line way 
back in 1997 and being slightly amused that IF actually had porno games. I also remember that for some reason, the scene with Sapphire the maid stuck in my 
mind so firmly that I remembered it distinctly while playing it now 5 years later.  Maybe that says more about me than the game.

Kastier's ranking: 3.8 out of 10


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