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Author: Robert Street
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Second-best game in the suite, in that I was actually able to complete it. The puzzles weren't really challenging (at all) but humorous nonetheless. 7.

Original concept but i genuinely didn't enjoy myself and completed it rather fast. Why can i pick up lava put not ice? 3.

Yes, it is short. Yes, I finished it in about 4 minutes. Yes, your name gives away the story at the start. But it was funny and I just liked it. It loses a mark because I don't understand what the volcano represented. 7.

Very short game, and the easiest of all of them. I liked it though. It was to the point, and I didn't need any help. The only reason I give it a 5 is because it IS so brief - I think a lot of other people put more effort into thier games. But there were no bugs, and nothing really wrong with it. It was kind of Calvinesque (in the sense of Calvin and Hobbes), which I thought was cute, if a bit disturbing. :-) 5.

Even though it was extremely short, I really liked this game. 5.

Very, very short even for a three hour game, but kind of likeable. Amusing twist at the end. Tiny, though. Really tiny. At a pinch it could have been written in three minutes. :) 5.

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