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Sleaze City Reviews
Author: Mel S
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Ale

I don't think you had to guess the verb so much...

well the game was... ok i guess, it doesn't have much sense to it, but it was funny at parts. i had absolutely no problem in following it, nor had to guess the verbs. maybe it needs to be add a hint about the dictionary, but it would make the game more boring, i mean, how hard was it to figure out?? Oh! one big mistake, after you give the lottery ticket to the landlord, you still have the ticket in your inventory. I liked the fact that it had descriptions to a lot of things, where in most games people don't do like... the description of the board -worst joke in the game. and the fact that when it mentioned there was a shop, and you looked at it, it had a description. The game wasn't good, but had good things.

Reviewed by David Whyld

Has the makings of a good game 

But isn't. The style of writing varied between good and bad. At best it was often quite amusing - "I'm in a dingy alley that I like because it's cleaner than my apartment" - but at worst it was quite painful to read. Every sentence seemed to be split in half with a comma that made reading it seem strange. And there were spelling mistakes galore. 

There was also quite a bit of guess the verb: "look at dictionary" I only discovered after looking in the generator. "Examine dictionary" didn't work for some reason. 

3 out of 10

Reviewed by DuoDave

I liked this game

I liked "Sleaze City". It was cute, not overly difficult, and made good use of very few rooms. A little twisted, and I wanted to be able to pick up the garbage, buy candy (it said I could!) and cash in the lottery ticket. And why did it say I could buy a time machine? What was that about?

Reviewed by Echo

It deserves more than a 3/10. 

This game doesn't deserve a 3/10. The puzzles are OK. True, the descriptions needed a little more work but they do their job well enough and don't bore you to death like in some other games. The game is also quite funny. Aside from Panic (which I must admit I underrated, it deserves more than the 6 I gave it) this is the only game in weeks that's been any good and fun to play. But it still needs a lot of work. 


Reviewed by Jason Evans


The game was good and kept me playing even after being stuck for 10 minutes on how to get the dictionary. But I found many errors such as "You've already done that." and there were a few spelling errors. But the game was good but it was plagued with too many errors to be considered a complete game. Maybe you should get it beta tested.

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