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The Skydiver Reviews
Author: Fenris
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Very interesting premise, but a warning about sudden death would have been nice. I also wasn't able to solve much of the game. I knew I had to make a parachute, but there were too many items and not enough of the verbs worked. 4.

Agh. This game had the least logic and consequently the most mind-reading was required. I might have been able to complete it (by a combination of intuition and random typing) if it weren't for the GTV. It is tough with a game like this because there are MANY ways to type what you need to do. The game even took account of a large number of these ways (I had to peek), but I still kept inputting the wrong things. There were a few things I liked about this game - there were some really nice humourous touches - but the GTV, randomness, some interesting spelling and constant confusion between you and I (who *were* we playing as?) mean that I had to score this game low. It was frustrating, and what I got out of it (and I did enjoy bursts of playing it) was overshadowed by its flaws. 3.

Needs a LOT work on the spelling and grammar - also make sure you keep everything in the same person. The whole game was pretty random - I got nowhere, looked at the game in generator, and when I realised how nonsensical everything was (how many GTV attempts it would take to figure stuff like that out!) I couldn't bring myself to go through the motions. Sorry! I think the general idea is a good one though. 2.

Nicely written but the same couldn't be said for the spelling or grammar I'm afraid. The game also had the annoying habit of switching back and forth between first and second person, and past and present tense. A quick glance into the Generator even showed frequent mispellings in some of the tasks needed to complete the game, so good luck to anyone who tried to finish this without cheating. 3.

When greeted with a long introduction, a character name that seemed somewhat familiar (from the film Seven?) and some slightly patchy spelling, I'll admit that I didn't expect much, but to my surprise I ended up thoroughly enjoying this! 

Although light-hearted and comical, this game is actually quite challenging and lasted just about the right length of time for me, for what it is. I enjoyed the situation, the lengthy (but easily readable) anecdotes, and the ending which provided a twist that created a somewhat circular storyline. 7.

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