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Author: Mystery
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

SCORE : 6 

A very strangely written game indeed! Most of the text is in speech marks and narrated by the main character, although some of it isn't - leading to a really jarring read sometimes. It also doesn't help with the style of narration that the game is written from the "you" perspective where most of the text is from the "I" perspective. 

But, that aside, it was certainly an interesting read and quite a bit better than most of Mystery's full size games. Unfortunately it wasn't without problems. At one point I had to save my brother from a bear yet the most obvious command of them all - kill bear - isn't implemented. Instead I had to perform a complicated puzzle involving making a swing and then swinging on it. A confusing way of doing something that would have seemed at first to be reasonably straightforward. 

Still, it was good. I liked it. 

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