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Scandal on the Seven Seas Reviews
Author: Faraday
Date: 2007

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Perhaps inspired by Chris Coleís serial story Seven Seas of Theah, Scandal sees the player in a role many of us would have loved to play; a swashbuckling pirate captain! Scandal is a fun little game, with some innovative ideas and some good use of ADRIFT. I certainly didnít imagine that Iíd be taking part in pitched sea battles or sword fights in any of the comp entries going in.

However, these elements of the game arenít as well implemented as they could be, seemingly relying more on a random number generator than an actual strategy. This is fine, considering, but it makes it frustrating to play through battles multiple times just because you werenít lucky.

The only problem with Scandal is that when it comes to the goal of the game the pace comes to a grinding halt. After a sea battle and a duel, you come to your main prize andÖ engage in polite conversation? Utilising a similar system to the aforementioned battles, you have to struggle through this conversation, which is, to be honest, bloody boring. A great concept for a game with some clever tricks, but ultimately the playing of the game can be frustrating and tedious.

Rating: C+

Reviewed by Softiron

A nice PDF file bearing histories and pictures of the pirates within the game sets a wonderful tone to this adventure; unfortunately, that was about as good as it gets.

To be fair, it looks like Faraday spent a good deal of time on the programming. You begin on your ship, engaging in a battle at sea, and with an RPG style turn-based fight, you must board your enemy and fight the super hot female captain. This hand-to-hand fight is also turn-based. And then upon victory, thereís a sex scene, which is pretty damn good.

Then the story takes a bizarre plot twist where youíre meeting with another woman. And you must impress her in an RPG style turn-based conversation (because, you know, thatís hot). And then the games gets buggy. Youíre able to perform sexual actions that you seemingly shouldnít, but then when sheís practically begging for sex, trying to touch her leads to the PC trying to fuck her and the game ending abruptly in failure.

But I liked it up to that point.

Scandal On The Seven Seas swashbuckles to 8th place on my ballot.

Stroke Meter: ???

Reviewed by David Whyld

For the most part, this seemed more of a regular IF game than an AIF one. You're a pirate captain (from what I gathered anyway) and you're set to board an enemy vessel and have your wicked way with its delightful (female) captain. The first part of the game involves a sea battle when you try to subdue the vessel. I had trouble with this, mainly because none of the commands I needed to use were listed for me and so I ended up trying half a dozen different things before chancing on something that worked. As it happened, these were mentioned in the gameís accompanying README file, but as I navigated to the folder where the game was from within the ADRIFT Runner, this didnít show up and I wasnít aware of it until much later. What followed seemed to be a case of simply keying in the same command repeatedly until I won. And win I did. I replayed it several times and found it very easy to win the battle but difficult to lose it.

The next part involves subduing the captain, ĎCutlassí Liz herself. This was remarkably easy. A single THRUST command and she was done for. From replaying the combat, your success against Liz seems entirely at random but I always managed to defeat her no matter what I tried.

From there itís to the captainís cabin and a delightful little sex scene with Liz. And what a nice change it made to actually have a simple and straightforward sex scene which wasnít a series of guess the verb problems where you're trying to figure out which part of the body to lick/caress/grope/fuck/suck first. If only a few more games were like this.

On the down side: too much randomness. The game can be won or lost entirely due to random factors. Sometimes one command will work, other times it wonít. Replaying the game to try different things was frustrating because keying in the exact same set of commands from before led to me dying frequently, whereas keying in commands that had lost the game to me previously worked fine. Typing POINTERS to see what needs to be done next is a bad idea, especially when what you're presented with is something you're never likely to guess on your own.

Arousal: nearly at full mast.

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