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Santa Baby Reviews
Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 9 - September 2008)

Basic Story

You've been hired to be a department story Santa Claus. Can you impress your sexy elf-costumed assistants and get it on with them after work?

Overall Thoughts

Santa Baby is, Chris announces at the onset, a very, very silly and completely unrealistic game. And it's a good thing that he says that because it helped temper my expectations. The game is certainly much more silly than most of his other AIF. And it's just as unrealistic as any other T&AIF game, so he's right on that score as well. It's a fun little game, just a quick introduction and a
dive into the sex.


Again, it's a good thing that Chris introduced the game as silly, because I encountered a lot of silly little bugs. But since I wasn't expecting a work of art, they didn't bother me that much.


To be honest, I found the sex a bit bland. Chris Cole has written some searing sex scenes, but for whatever reason he just didn't push himself here. For one, the writing just seems generic. One opportunity missed would be to explore the possible Santa/Elf fantasies, but for the most part weren't addressed. Another problem I found was that the threesome wasn't fully implemented. Chris disavows any attempt to get the girls to have sex with one another, which struck me as lazy. On the positive side, there are a number of cut scenes where you have sex with both girls, and these are the best-written in the scene. Be sure to read the readme file to find out how to access those cut scenes.

Final Thoughts

This silly, unrealistic game is kinda fun, kinda sexy, and kinda worth the fifteen minutes it'll take you to play it.

Rating C

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