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Sam Shooter I: Graduation Day Reviews

Author: One-Eyed Jack
Date: 2002

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Detritus

Where IF is concerned, TADS games generally tend to be better than ones on other interpreters, not only because of the flexibility of the program, but since because it’s harder to learn than the others, only those skilled at programming tend to use it. And fortunately, all these programmers seem to be great with writing content, too
– Newkid, Adam Hendine, Choices, Christopher Cole – you know the crew. Get ready to add a new name to the top of the pile, because One-Eyed Jack has got the gift as well.

Graduation Day, which I believe to be his debut into AIF, has such wild writing that debauchery actually takes a back seat to humour. While the playing field is not quite as big as ‘Peril Skies’ or ‘Prom Night’, it is still well above average standards. OEJ’s demented, over-the-top humour has really soaked into every fibre of this game.
The characters are stereotypical to the extreme, and all the more hilarious for being so.

It’s vital that you read the readme file for the game first, so that you know the topics you can ask characters about, not so much for progression of the plot, but for pure enjoyment. A testament to the game’s flexibility is that you can finish the game without having indulged in any sexual shenanigans, or plough through (nearly) all the women in a style reminiscent of Blowjob Drifter.

It’s obvious that this game doesn’t take itself seriously, judging by the frequent allusions to the author’s laziness and the ‘out-of-character’ responses,
which are a barrel of laughs all by themselves. While most of the game follows a scheme of ridiculous convenience, it’s a sort of self-aware idiocy that’s poking fun at itself and saying ‘What the hell; it’s AIF. I’m just having a good time.’ And it works. I was in stitches at several points during the game, most notably the scene with Kelly, and Dirk’s ‘out-of-character’ gems.  In fact, it works so effectively that you can literally get away with murder, and not take it seriously (I’m hoping this is not a normal occurrence for most of you). As for the sex scenes, they are well written and manage to be more interesting than usual thanks to the characters themselves, and also to the unconventional methods used on occasion.

Those that come to Graduation Day looking for a challenge will probably not find it. Even relatively new AIF players should have no trouble getting through the game.
It nearly always gives you blatant hints as to the solutions, and often doesn’t bother to pretend otherwise. Otherwise, commands are intuitive, and you’d have to be really green at this

As for problems, there are a few bugs that cause the ‘multiple response’ screwup, where a character might answer a bunch of questions in one go, despite having been asked only one. And like I said, everything does tend to get wrapped up a little too conveniently. But these are hardly noteworthy whines about a game as irreverent as SS1, so I’m just going to say TADS rules, and keep bringing them out, OEJ.


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