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Salutations Reviews
Author: Lumin
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Good adventure with tight focus on multi-step puzzle & frightening scenario. Unfortunately, some coding issues-- likely from lack of testing due to time limit-- broke immersion. Repeating messages such as picking up the pack Guess the verb issues with "pour the whiskey" Flask of whiskey not openable With a few fixes, could be a solid adventure.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: Not the best title; I keep forgetting which game this is and reopening it to remind me. Oh yeah, it's the spider web one. Okay. I liked the main puzzle,
and figured out what I was meant to do -- but I had trouble telling the game that. There were little bugs involving the pack and its contents, and some commands
that ought to have worked didn't; I had to go into the debugger to get the right phrasing. I blame the 3-hour time limit, though. I'm sure this would've been more
polished under normal development. And I was sad the game ended so soon, so you did something right.

Mel S

Comments: This was a very easy and short game but I liked the sense of urgency it created and gigantic spiders always gets a plus in my book. As a short little vignette of insect terror, I think it succeeds.

Reviewed by Alvin Echeverria

Comments: Impossible to play without the debugger?! I didn't even know that I was wearing a coat. the spiders did eat me the first time, though.

Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 7/10
Comments: Some good writing here. Plot is very Shelob-inspired. Some GTV - I knew the whiskey and lighter were to be used on the egg sack, but it wouldn't let me do it until after the spider was dead. I was surprised by the appearance of the knife, which isn't mentioned until you X BACKPACK. Actions are not entirely logical - killing the spider while attached to the web seems a bit impossible. You'd at least need to let it get close if all you have is a knife. Still, some good writing. I don't like spiders, and this probably came closest that any of the games to give me a chill.

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