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Saffire Reviews
Author: Woodfish
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld (1)

The writer's liking for strange games seems to have hit a low here. "Saffire" started off quite promisingly - you're backed up against a wall with a gunman closing in - but then goes rapidly downhill. I'm not quite sure what to make of what happens after that but it certainly wasn't anything I found very likeable. 

"Saffire" came across as a very non-user-friendly game that didn't even have a hint or two for when the player got stuck. 

3 out of 10

Reviewed by David Whyld (2)

Considering that Woodfish writes the strangest games since Heal Butcher, it's quite something when a game is strange even by his standards, yet Saffire, an entry in one of the mini-comps we have entirely too often in the ADRIFT world, is his strangest game yet.

It starts with the player getting shot dead and ends… well, there are four separate endings, all wildly different. Normally I'm all in favour of different endings to games as they offer replay value but the endings here are all decided on the press of a button at the very end of the game. How you played the game up to that point is pretty much irrelevant; all you need to do is press one of four buttons and read what follows. 

In between the beginning and the end is the game itself. After getting shot dead, the player wakes up in another place (limbo?) and from there he has to navigate his way towards the Room of Cloud where the button pressing is carried out. The landscape over which you travel is illogical in the extreme, although as this is a game played from the viewpoint of a dead person I suppose a logical landscape wouldn't have fit in. 

All in all, nicely written but much too bizarre for my liking. 

3 out of 10 

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