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Rolling the Dough Reviews
Author: Richard Otter
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Gets points for a great premise, but trying to get past the dog had me grappling with the ADRIFT parser. 4.

A little confusing (not sure why throwing the rolling pin out of the window made more sense than taking it outside and dropping it), but okay. Nothing really grabbed me about this game, and I found it somewhat frustrating as I couldn't always follow the logic of the puzzles. 4.

Out of all the games which seemed near impossible, the few, like this, I was able to finish on my own, got pretty high scores. So although this game was very short and to the point, I think it's pretty good for a 3 hour game, and I found it fun to play. I didn't find any bugs or major mistakes. Everything made sense, and I didn't even mind dying a few times to get it right! THANK YOU for the lack of GTV issues! 7.

Normally I'd have never given a game that killed me as often as this one a rating as high as 6, but then I found it quite amusing having my wife continually beat me to death with a rolling pin (even a rolling pin that *I* was carrying at one point. :) ) It's a very short game as well so even with the constant deaths (I think I died nine times before I got through it), it didn't take long to finish. 6.

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