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Rodney and the Princess Reviews 
Author: Kaos Lord
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire (September AIF Newsletter)

Basic Plot

You are a warrior in a typical fantasy setting - armor clad and looking for a fight. You are searching for the missing Princess Fiona and doing battle with whatever evil creatures get in your way.

Overall Thoughts

The author points out that he was writing this game more-or-less to learn ADRIFT. In fact, he used the unregistered version of ADRIFT 4.0 which he mentions is why the game is so small (the unregistered version has a limit on game size). It all reads to me like the typical "first game" almost every author writes to simply feel out the writing process and a new language. As such, the game plays like you would expect a first game to play: minimal descriptions; very straightforward; almost no plot beyond the absolute minimum to get from the beginning to the end. Despite this, I found the game somewhat refreshing. Kaos Lord took the time to have his game beta-tested, despite it being a small, first try. When, after release, someone pointed out an error, he fixed it and released a new version almost immediately. And, he explains in his readme that he not only expects but welcomes (constructive) criticism. This, to me, sounds like an author who truly wants to create better games but doesn't yet have the tools and experience to do so. This is something to be encouraged.

Puzzles/Game Play

The game is short - very short. And linear - very linear. There are a couple of rooms beyond the minimal required to tell the story, but there is nothing to do or see within those rooms. The puzzles are also very simple - see the monster, kill the monster, move on. Let me offer some words of advice to Kaos Lord. First, unless you are content with creating mini-comp sized games, you should consider moving up to the full version of ADRIFT - either v4.0, or v3.9 if funding is a problem. Second, while there is nothing wrong with the room descriptions, you cannot examine any of the items within those rooms. This takes away from the immersive feeling of the game. To me, it is more enjoyable to see a pile of rags (for example) and search them myself, than to be told in the room description that I see the rags and search them. Even if there is nothing to be found.

With regards to game play, the game put me in mind of those Dungeon & Dragons sessions I used to indulge in: a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, with orcs and goblins falling before my mighty sword. At least, that is the image I assume Kaos Lord wanted to evoke. Some players will find that the orcs and goblins fall all too easily. A single sword thrust and they were dead, their bodies evaporating into smoke apparently as all that was left was their possessions. I usually find in-game combat to be annoying, as I dislike having the game outcome decided by chance. Even so, this 
combat seemed much too simple.


Kaos Lord mentions in his readme that the game was beta-tested, and it shows. I found a couple of minor things in the game but overall it played very cleanly. There were no game halting bugs (assuming you downloaded the latest version). The game displays random atmosphere messages from the Princess after you rescue her, and some of them are a little inappropriate (such as while combat is taking place, or saying "I don't feel like talking" while you are not talking to her), but those are pretty minor.


Yup, there's sex in this game. It isn't great, and it didn't put me to sleep. That's about all I can say about it. All of the princess's usual body parts are implemented and can be examined, but the protagonist is missing a very important piece. At least, it isn't examinable or addressable by command. This leaves out the usual handjob/blowjob scenes, which some players may miss. I mention it only for completeness, as it wasn't that big of an omission.

Final Thoughts

As was mentioned previously, this is a first game for this author. It offers a look into the humble beginnings of almost every author, who usually starts out writing a very simple game. Of course, most authors take that simple first game and throw it away (with good reason). Instead, Kaos Lord made the courageous (and yes, some will say foolish) choice of releasing it to the world and saying "Look it over, and tell me what I did wrong." I can't help but admire that.

Rating: D+

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