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Rock Band: Revenge of Gigantor!
Author: Rob Roy (Metron4)
Date: 2009

Reviewed by Richard Otter

I have not played anything by this author before and was intrigued by the title, so thought I’d give it a try.  The game is set in a house which is usually a bad start but at least it didn’t start in the bedroom.

This is not a long game and to be honest there is not a lot to it. I have to admit I like the humour in the game, for example -

Boy, are you honest. You haven't kept anything. 

Also a lot of variable text has been used for the objects and some of the locations. Nice touch.

For some reason you can ask the game about capital cities. Try asking “What is the capital” of a country.  No idea why.

After exploring the house you need to then fire up the old Xbox and TV to play Rock Band.  Playing the game just consists of pressing coloured buttons when requested, 10 times.  I had hoped for more and up to this point as I was enjoying playing.  So, after press keys 10 times you need to save the world from Gigantor.  This involves a timed puzzle requiring you to turn off the television.

I played through once and was interested enough to have a play again. Nice little diversion.

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