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Author: Wayne McWilliams
Date: 2000

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by J.D. Berry

Entry in the Dino Comp

Summary: Duh, I donít see any dinosaurs.
Review: Bitterly sardonic, even the help is amusing. So far, though, the only game I didnít solve in my arbitrary 10 minute time limit.

Chuckle - Supersaurus Vivianae (Robb, as one reviewer so eloquently stated but that I paraphrase for you now, is one funny mother something or other.)
Fear - Fossil Not Found
Thought - Deinonychus

Explanation of the "scoring":

Chuckle Factor
Dinosaurs werenít known for their sense of humor, so I went with a pure size comparison.
3 stars - Supersaurus Vivianae
2 stars - Diplodocus (luckily they were so big with a name like that)
1 star - Brachiosaurus
0 stars or not applicable - Fossil Not Found

Fear Factor
There may have been no pants or beegeezus in those days, but I imagine there was crap to be scared out of. Thus here are some of the terrible lizards.
3 stars - Deinocheirus
2 stars - T. Rex (I still love the sound of those old dinos)
1 star - Allosaurus
0 stars or not applicable - Fossil Not Found

Thought Factor
Supposedly, the smartest dinosaurs were as intelligent as the modern bird. This is an apporpriate scale for games written in a short period of time.
3 stars - Troodon
2 stars - Deinonychus (also the dinosaur god of wine)
1 star - Velociraptor
0 stars or not applicable - Fossil Not Found


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