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Resident Lust Reviews
Author: Night Owl
Date: 2006

Reviewed by A. Bomire (Inside Erin: The AIF Newsletter Volume 2 Number 5 May, 2006)

Warning: There are spoilers contained within this review! 

Basic Plot 

This game is a work of fan fiction based upon the video game/movie series Resident Evil. If you are unfamiliar with the game, don't worry. You don't need to know anything about the games or movies to play this game, although those familiar with either will be able to pick out characters and scenarios from those storylines. 

You play a hero battling against an enigmatic villain known as "the Gamemaster". You have defeated him at his latest lair where you discovered an odd game system using an equally odd game controller. Whilst working on the controller you are accidentally transported to the world of a video game. 

While in this world, you need to track down Jill Valentine (a character from the Resident Evil series of games and movies), who is mentioned in a note you found. It won't be easy as the world is full of undead zombies and huge spiders, all eager to add you to their lunch menu. 

Puzzles / Game Play 

The game is fairly linear in play, requiring you to solve a puzzle before more of the game is open to you. The puzzles are relatively easy, with most of the difficulty lying in their sometimes difficult syntax. For example, in one instance you need to kill a "Zombie dog". At the time, I was carrying two different guns: a shotgun and a gun. I attempted to "shoot zombie", "shoot zombie dog", "shoot zombie with shotgun", "shoot zombie dog with shotgun", etc. After a series of tries, I finally discovered that the correct syntax is simply "shoot dog". There are a couple of instances like this (see the Technical notes), but nothing that stopped me for more than a few turns. 

The linearity of the game may be frustrating for some players. If you get stuck, there is nothing to do to continue the game experience. You cannot move on to another puzzle or another area and then come back later. However, when you solve a puzzle you are led directly to the next area to explore, which virtually eliminates the "What do I do next?" sort of problem that some games have. 


The game was released once already, recalled for bug-fixing, and has been beta-tested by a wide range of players before being released again. For this reason, the problems remaining in the game surprised me. There were no game stopping problems, but I did discover a few areas that may have worked smoother. 

Most of the problems have to do with simplification - the solution is actually much simpler than you may suspect. In one instance, you find a medical kit with detailed instructions on how to cure someone of an ailment (required to complete the encounter). The detailed instructions can be completely ignored as the solution is just to type "cure name". The detailed instructions in this case are misleading as it appears that they are required when they are actually not. There are a few cases (such as the "shoot dog" scenario above) of things like this. 


The sex is ok - it didnít put me to sleep, nor did it set my computer on fire. Not all sexual commands are implemented for each woman you encounter, and some of the commands are implemented somewhat haphazardly. For example, in one encounter asking the woman to remove her own clothing works sometimes, but not others. In no case are any of the women's body parts implemented as examinable objects, although you can interact with them. This may be off-putting to players wanting the fullest interactive experience. 

Final Thoughts 

This game is pretty average for a first time author. The things I didn't like about it are the strict linearity of the game and the bugs still remaining after being recalled and retested. Night_Owl suggests that additional chapters are forthcoming, and despite the rating I am giving this game I am looking forward to them. I would recommend that the author take the constructive criticism presented within this review and use it to improve upon any future games. 

Rating: D+ 

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