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Renegade Brainwave Reviews
Author: J.J. Guest
Date: 2010

Reviewed by Wade Clarke

I found this both atmospheric and very funny. I went crazy trying to guess the last command, though.

Reviewed by BlueMaxima

Comments: Impressive writing. I found it hard to solve because I didn't know I was carrying a handbag. Otherwise quite good.

Reviewed by Eric Anderson

SCORE: 6.37
Comments: Missing some descriptions. Went to the generator as were no hints. Instead of being a transvestite, couldn't the player have been a female officer just off from a party? (More typical of the B-movies for the character to be brought into duty from a personal event.)

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman
This year, I've decided to associate a song by Rush with each game along with its score.

SCORE: 9 Tesla coils out of 10.
Song: "2112 Overture"
Comments: -Really fun writing, a spot-on, over-the-top, sci-fi B-movie spoof. If you don't imagine either Bela Lugosi or The Amazing Criswell delivering the opening and closing sections of this game...
you've been deprived.
-Had some trouble taking the cigar from the gorilla for some reason, but it worked after some time (also for a reason I can't suss out). I assume I must have been doing something wrong somehow?
-No hints.

Reviewed by DCBSupafly

Comments: Writing and mis-en-scene were great, and otherworldly-ness was a huge plus. In the end, I didn't have much stake in the story, and some of the tasks were tough to guess at.

Reviewed by Mel Stefaniuk

Comments: This game had me at "the terrifying truth behind the ill-fated Mexican space programme!" Hilarious, well-written and full of clever puzzles to boot, this really had it all and was a handy reminder of just how easy J. J. Guest makes this look.

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