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Author: Vachon
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

General Information (on Vachonís games)

To save myself some time Iím just going to write this once and add it to all my reviews of Vachonís games (unless of course I find one it doesnít apply to).

Well, My mouth got me into trouble again when I posted on one of the boards that I would be willing to play and review all of Vachonís games.  I imagine that I was drunk at the time but whatever the reason, Iím here to make good on my promise so that there is a written review of the games for anyone contemplating playing any of them.  My suggestion if you are thinking about loading one up is donít.  However, If you must then please realize that these games represent (by nearly unanimous opinion) the worst that AIF has to offer.  You have been warned.

Iím not really sure what Vachonís native tongue is but suffice it to say that he has only a passing familiarity with the English language.  As a result, just about the only responses you get that contain no spelling or grammar mistakes are the default messages supplied by Adrift.  Iíve never before been so glad to learn that there is evidently no need for language like that (at least it was a complete sentence).

The spelling and grammatical errors range from merely annoying to nearly incomprehensible.  Simply using a spell check of some kind would have at least cut down on some of these but evidently such a thing did not exist when he was writing his games.  Playing through his games gives me a bit of a headache because it actually reads almost like a foreign language that I have to translate as I go along to make sense of what is happening.

If all that is not enough to send you running the other way then please read on.

Basic Story

The object is to have sex with your three sisters.

Overall Thoughts

Wait a minute, have sex with three sisters?  Didnít I already review this game?  No, thatís right, that was a completely different game where you have sex with your three sisters.  I donít know what the authorís family situation is but if he has any sisters I certainly donít want to know about it.

Puzzles/Game Play

A couple of the standard find object/give object/fuck girl type puzzles but thatís about it.  The game is very linear and the next girl doesnít even show up until you have scored with the previous one.


Once again the sex just doesnít make much sense and is fairly boring to boot.  The author did try to give each girl a separate personality, which is refreshing but they donít really seem to stay in character for the whole time.  For instance, the Ďreluctantí sister is one minute saying that you really shouldnít do that because youíre brother and sister, then the next minute begging you to do more, then she goes back to saying that you really shouldnít do that.  Itís annoying and when you add the fact that you have to do the various sex acts in a particular order it makes it even more so.


Technically speaking this game is actually a bit cleaner than some of his others.  Some objects can be examined and you can even look out the windows.  The girls have at least a couple of body parts that you can examine and they all have several topics you can ask them about.

Final Thoughts

The updated version is the one I am reviewing and if you are planning on playing this game then that is certainly the one you should play.  When compared to the original it is almost a good game (but only when compared to the original).  If you download the zipped file then it should come with a walkthrough and I recommend you use it.  You can definitely finish the game without it but since you have to do most of the tasks in a particular order it will save you a lot of typing and cut down on the number of times the game has to tell you ďNot Yet.Ē  The author gets kudos for actually taking the time to try to improve his game but even with the improvements thereís not much to write home about.


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