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Author: Begferdeth
Date: 2010

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Review by A. Bomire

Game Play
The game is rather short. After you solve a set of puzzles, you confront Darvon. There you challenge him to a game. He wants you to play his version of marbles, but you convince him to exchange sexual acts. The main point of the game (besides the sex), is to satirize many of the stereotypes of the original Star Trek series.

The sex in this game is part of the game you play with Darvon. Your goal is to outlast Darvon, as with each of his orgasms one of your crewmates is released. The sex scenes are actually fairly well written and hot.

Final Thoughts
This game has a nostalgic feel for "old time" AIF-ers, such as myself. It harkens back to the early days, when almost every AIF game was based upon the Star Trek universe. Begferdeth offers a new take on the familiar theme, satirizing the original series. Some of the humor comes off as too "in your face", while others are more subtle pokes at the series (the "painted styrofoam" cave walls and boulder, for example).

Review by Rip_CPU

Points immediately awarded for making a Star Trek game. Some of the earliest AIFs were Star Trek fan games, and it's good to see someone return to this theme. I did find it rather distracting that instead of being named Kirk or Spock, the characters have such parody names like Captain Cork, Commander Shock. I think it would've been fine to simply go with the original names, the tone of satire is clear enough that we don't need to change the names around.

Game Play
The puzzles were made well enough, and fairly fun for what they were. They weren't so complex as to require leaps of logic or guess the verb, but they weren't immediately obvious either. But they seemed a little pointless, existing merely to take up rooms and time. Why is there a boulder monster, or a phaser-proof door with blinking lights? No reason, just because they're there.

There are some minor technical bugs here and there. For example, during the sex sequence, you can get a message saying that your partner is still dressed so you can't give him a blowjob. But then the game gives the blowjob description anyhow, and you can get points for it too. In another example, while the rest of the away team were trapped in giant glass balls, the objects were inconsistently named. The giant ball containing Shock was named: "Shock's Ball", but the one containing the Captain was simply named "cork". None of these bugs are too offensive or gamebreaking, but do suggest a lack of betatesting.

The meat and potatoes of this game, the sex is pretty decently written, but not actually all that... sexy. For a green-skinned alien babe, the PC is no different from any generic girl from earth. And for an all powerful Q-like entity, Darvon seems like a COMPLETE twit.

Final Thoughts
The game isn't bad, but it isn't great enough to be memorable. It is simply fun, generally inoffensive and not too complex.

Review by Purple Dragon

Game Play
First off, this game is set in the Star Trek universe, and not only that, but in the time of the original series. That in itself was enough to get me interested. When I started playing I was even happier about the way it was turning out. The author has a good sense of humor, and the little inside jokes like the styrofoam cave walls and the rock monster has me chuckling to myself as I played.

The game play itself is pretty standard for a mini-comp entry. There is a single sex scene, and a couple of puzzles thrown in the way to get to said sex scene. Nothing too inventive, but nothing particularly bad either.

There were several little problems here, but nothing too distracting. Little inconsistencies and typos once again show the point of having the game beta tested, but they didn't ruin the game for me at all.

I did find it a little amusing that you can kill all three of your crewmates and then proceed with the rest of the game as if nothing happened, having sex with Darvon for the prize of him sending their corpses back up to the ship. Then again, the sex isn't really supposed to be a means to an end, but the end itself right?

Speaking of the sex, I found it to be pretty good overall. It was well-written and pretty darn hot. I will echo Rip's comments that more could have been done with the fact that the two participants are aliens, and one a nearly all-powerful one, but that would have been icing on the cake. Not having it didn't detract from what was there in my opinion.

Final Thoughts
Good writing, good humor, hot sex, and Kirk -- er, sorry -- Cork and the crewmembers smoldering corpses in big glass balls, what's not to love?

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