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A Reading in May
Author: Bahri Gordebak
Date: 2012

Reviewed by Duncan Bowman

More a read than a play

The book, of all things, is unimplemented. Stronger implementation (even of just a few important details) could reap stronger immersion and affect. There was also a (Spoiler - click to show)cigarette at one point which the PC had, but again, not implemented, not in the inventory, so it pulls one out to suddenly realize it *is* there.

All one does here is type >READ. While I'm open to the idea that a single-action, multi-turn IF could express something powerful, here I think the forced single-mindedness of the player prevents them from connecting with the distracted state of the player character.

(I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers here, but in a work so short it's maybe a little tough.)

Reviewed by Joey Jones

This is a one-verb implemented story. It's only a game insofar as the act of trying to read the book implicates you in your/the protagonist's continued failure to do so. It's a short vignette and just that. Worth playing for the writing and the moment. I'll not rate it, because it's not trying to be a game of the type that receives ratings. Quantitatively, it's poorer than almost all other games I've played, though qualitatively it's richer than many.

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