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That Crazy Radioactive Monkey Reviews
Author: Mel S
Date: 2003

Reviewed David Whyld

I'm not sure if I should be liking this game or being horrified over the idea of a gameshow where the audience wet themselves with laughter whenever you injure your poor co-star, Jojo! Reality TV has nothing on this game for sheer twisted novelty value.

There were quite a few laugh out loud moments, mostly whenever you figured out a new and unusual way of hurting Jojo. I'll say one thing for the writer: he's sure got a warped sense of humour (although I guess the same could be said for me as I found it very funny indeed).

One of Mel's usual problems - guess the verb - was the game's only real letdown. "Take" had to be used on one item but "get" wouldn't work, and quite a few of the Jojo-murdering-tasks were pretty much trial and error. And this game also contains the weirdest line I've ever read in an IF game: "Small springs stick out of the couch like weirdos at a mall." 

But bad points aside this was well worth playing.
6 out of 10

Reviewed by Woodfish

Crazy, and very inventive, but not my cup of tea. The descriptions were okay, and the whole idea of it was slightly insane, however, I can't say that I enjoyed it too much - mainly because I like to be guided through a game, and don't like having a load of options available for me to take in several rooms full of objects, then keep getting told I can't do certain things. 5/10. 

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