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Author: Mel S
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Hilarious. Tone carried through the whole piece. Good spoof with strong narrative voice. Made me laugh out loud many times. Had to open it in generator to beat it, but the unrelenting lack of hints supported thematics. Error: peyote is eaten, not smoked. Game's exaggeratedly negative representation of drug use/freak culture is somewhat worrying to me...

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: Oh my god. Totally funny. I can just imagine the prequel, where 8-year old Dracula bullys you in the playground, runs over your kid sister with his
tricycle -- insert crane shot of you yelling DRACULAAAA! -- then we cut to Dracula at home, writing "Mrs. Arthur Winslow" on his pencilcase and drawing little hearts all
around it.

Reviewed by Alvin Echeverria

Comments: HILLARIOUS. Never streched itself out too much. My favorite part was the gritty guitar solo in the intro. I loved the luggage descriptions and the fact that I could take a 12 hour nap and still be able to kick Draculas butt.

Reviewed by Lumin

Comments:  There may not be a whole lot to actually DO here, but the writing is fantastic, I want to play a whole series of games written by the amazing, brilliant, and devastatingly handsome Arthur Winslow. ;-) Also, I just realized that this is the only Mel S game I've ever played. If the others are even half as funny as this one I definitely need to check them out, and soon.

The only flaw I could find with this one is that a short game is made even shorter by the fact that due to a task that apparently had no restrictions you can easily skip the only significant puzzle - I didn't even find out about the trapdoor until I checked the generator after beating the game.


Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 6/10
Comments:  Hmm, could be a spoof. Yep definitely a spoof. Oh, Mel S, right. Kudos for making me think, for a second, that I had missed one of Infocom's adventures. That was about the scariest thing about this game, though. Bit of GTV with the rocket launcher. Some funny response to things. Pretty simple game in the end. Quite good for three hours.

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