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Quest Giver
Author: Daza
Date: 2021

 Reviewed by Lumin

Seems like a very rough and bare bones concept right now, but there's enough here to show what it INTENDED to be, and I'm intrigued. Games designed to be replayable with a bit of randomness and strategy to keep you on your toes are proving to be one of ADRIFTs biggest untapped strengths lately. In it's current state I don't think it held together very well as a playable game, but I definitely would check out an expanded and polished version with more flavor text and less seams in the simulation. Music was a nice touch.

Reviews by David Whyld

This was a strange little game, very buggy and most of my time was spent trying to figure out what to do. Even when typing commands exactly as listed under the "commands" line, most would not work.

I tried wandering around a little to see if the rest of the game had anything more to offer, only to find I couldn't seem to leave the village. I travelled north along a road but each time found myself in the starting location again. One time I managed to find another village but as it was largely the same as the first, it really didnít improve things. The only other location I could find was a tavern, complete with the worst description I've ever come across in a text adventure. No effort seems to have been made to flesh the locations out or add any depth and this came across as one of those weird experimental games people make from time to time that are never more than halfway-playable.

That was about all I could take. The idea of assigning quests to adventurers was quite an interesting one but this adventure was so badly designed and so buggy that it's just hard to find anything positive to say about it.

1 out of 10

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