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The Quest for Spam Reviews
Author: Whatever
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

Aghhh! Save me from the curse of ambiguity and undescribed items! The spam is inside the can of spam. All well and good. But "examine spam" produces the ever-helpful "Which spam. The can of spam or the spam?" "Spam" I reply with. "That's still ambiguous" the game informs me. Okay, this was only written in an hour so be fair and move onto something else. Let's examine what's in the kitchen: "x refrigerator". Nope. "X stove". Nope. "X groceries". Nope. "X kitchen"???? Nope!!! My will to live just gave out then and the recycle bin beckoned. I know I shouldn't judge a game written within such a strict timescale too harshly but at the same time there's just nothing about this I could recommend at all. 

1 out of 10

Reviewed by David Welbourn (13 Nov 2005)

As near as I can tell, this game is both broken and unfinished. Taking the only object kills the Adrift Runner with an out of stack space error, and entering the car (by typing "in", since there's no car object) traps you in a Car location with no exits. It appears that the quest for SPAM's secret ingredients will remain unsolved.

Rating: *

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