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The Quest for Food Reviews
Author: Lumin
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

The best game I played out of the suite! This game was the most playable out of all the games, and was fun. I couldn't get past the rock on the lid - I got as far as cutting the dog's leash. A quick walkthrough would have taken 5 minutes (however, none of the games came with walkthroughs). Despite this, I thought it was the best. 8.

Despite it's cuteness, I really enjoyed this game. I got a little GTV confused in places, but I didn't need to peek in the generator to finish it and it wasn't broken. It had a nicely drawn character, easy but enjoyable puzzles, and it was well written. My favourite. 8.

I liked this game a lot. It was different, cute, and well-written. Also, I managed to get through it without any help, although it wasn't so easy it was boring. Good work! 8.

Great idea to have an animal protagonist. Entertaining little game. 8.

A quick game that I went through in the space of a few minutes. A few puzzles, but nothing that really made me think. Okay for a 3 hour game but not really enough here to say more about. 5.

Strangely enough, to be placed in the role of vermin didn't feel quite as flattering as I expected it to be. Although this game opted for a quest idea so simple and basic that it could almost have been a good idea, it just wasn't utilised to its full effect and hindered somewhat in impact through the character you are made to identify with.

Perhaps its just me, but I like to be made to feel elevated and intelligent when I'm playing IF, not degraded and desperate with the qualities of an animal. Aside from this however, the quality of writing was fairly good and what scored points for me in this game. 3. 

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